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This week’s KAL’s cartoon:
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An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
I'm so glad this was posted as this is exactly what it is and it will go on forever until either of the sides realise how stupid the whole thing is. I'd seen it this way from the beginning and if it wasn't for the loss of innocent lives it would be hilarious!
Image is not depicting correct scene, hammas uses only small rockets, which doesn't do much damage, while israel has jets/missile with far more power, which destroys and kill many people in gaza.
But can only the blind truly see?
it is sooooo true.  an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
this is nothing to joke about ... -1
looks like Mayan Dec 21st might be a good bet lol.. any one told Hamas, Israel and Iran? lol...
firearms no longer win and competencies do....
I agree with +Zafar Aftab. This is ridiculous, Hamas don't have the same fire power, they should've draw Hamas throwing stones or something. So... sad.
Religion is just another way to justify murder and hate. That is why there will never be peace in the middle east.
the cartoon doesn't make it clear that the IDF's action are 10 to 100 times more deadly that Hamas' actions. No surprise since they get all the latest military kit subsidized by the American taxpayer while Hamas relies on homemade low-tech rockets.
Religion is just another way to control peoples emotions and a very powerful one, is there a god is a separate argument all together, eventually this conflict will increase humanities emotional intelligence I just hope it's in my life time
Yep, this is the way to mimic same responsibility. Like, Victim and Aggressor is the same. No, this is not the case. Terror is against the Palestinian people. Srry. Can't be blind in XXI century.
Ironic, breaking news is about twinkies and religion.
Yeah, just one more clarification is needed, that the mean casualty ratio in Israeli-Palestinian conflict is 1:10. Guess what side it is skewed to...
Jay A
here we go again. Jews and Arabs cannot live in harmony. They're like water and oil. There will never be peace between them. Historically and biblically, they will fight each other! why cant they just decide their conflict like iOS and Android - which is much better?
+Zafar Aftab if Hamas is too poor to buy modern hardware, it doesn't excuse them from being the vile aggressor. A murderer is murderer, regardless success rate.
The utter stupidity of your comment is too painful to consider. Dear God.

+Seba Piotr  then Israeli should just catch the murderer...not to bombs every Palestinian...too bad people did not see Zionist as the real terrorist...
The world would be better if you could see farts...
anybody who is agree with Zionist action is like saying "it is okay to bomb New York City for example just because a killer lives in New York"...
Not funny. People are dead - thanks to terrorist Palestinians.
this world so bad,stop talking when Israel kill children ,but cry when a rocket from hamas fall on Israel f**k that stupid world
No the world would be better if people could understand each other
isreal is a fack land
Au Contrere'!. There were few Arabs until Israel came back to a sliver of the vast inheritance by God 3500 years ago. Refugees, who had been dispersed by tyrants, came back to their ancestral home, fleeing Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini  , and,sadly, U.S.A.
Where are these people getting their weapons? I think they are the real criminals.
At this point, I am ready to give both sides a shit load of neutron bombs and let them kill each other off. In about 1000 years, we can go back and actually settle the land with reasonable people.
+Hatimi Tahirruddin that is not a logical statement there is a difference between the interaction between a country and its people and a country and an outside force.
Hope all israel ppl die in same time
so kill isreal people and that is not acceptable by usa and others who support it to build fack home on other people homes
If anyone in here is speaking in favor if hamas, that person is an enemy to the United States.  PERIOD.
It might be funny if not for the false moral equivalance.
Muslims: "An eye for an eye!"
Jews: "An eye for 100 000 eyes!"
That's pretty fair, isn't it?
If Israeal work with cold mind then world enjoy the PEACE.....other wise not........
war is arabs tradition. until thy kingdom come, they will never stop that foolish act...
Not quite balanced.  Try 100 attacks and one retaliation by Israel
I am so sick of all the hate speach on the web these days. it gives me a GD headache. ( Sarcasm) here's a solution for all the world's problems..... nuke em all and let god sort out the mess. in all sincerity, who ever created religion and politics signed our global death warrant. 
exactly, because eye for an eye is good and legit? 
if you go and attack a powerful country to be surprised when you get blown to pieces. 
Lets create a new world without cheating anyone, without fighting, no argues, no fights with enemy too then we can see peace in us and everywhere
Islam is a peacful religious. So it never lets you down. And we pray that we had to be patient in this situation.
At least Isreal is trying their best to not kill civilians. Hamas is trying to kill civilians. Isreal has a right to defend themselves against attack and protect their citizens.
You are probably mis-stating what you mean. Your quote suggests that Muslims collect one body for one body , while Jews collect 100,000 bodies for every body - if that were true , every 100 Israelis murdered ( by the way , there are a lor of Muslim Israelis! ) would result in the murder of 10 Million Muslims. I think your ratio is incorrect
they can not nuke hamas becaause the nukes will get to them easly are u out of your mind
The only thing that we learn from history, is that we don't learn from history.
Mark, that truth is not needed when the wanted outcome is not balance or truth, too many vested interests want the Israelis to be perceived as the aggressor and not the victim, AND it also ignores the fact that Hamas is launching unguided missiles looking for as many civilian casualties as possible while Israel is launched guided missiles at launchers and terrorist command posts
+Rob Olson that works both ways. Israel has the moral upper ground, though. They sent leaflets telling people where they would be attacking. Hamas has bombarded them for months. The only thing Israel has done wrong is shut off the internet, which seriously pissed off Anonymous.
+Rob Olson mr Clap give voice when we used both hand....any body try to make u slave u in ur home then what u done??
Thanks to all the commenters for re-enacting the cartoon in real life.
only solution
israelis escaped from there 
for the record, I am not against any religion, creed, political credo, just sick of the global insanity and hate speach. 
+Ali Murtaza Sansi It goes both ways. The only solution is for someone to stop firing back, which Netanyahu can't politically do and Hamas' ideology forbids it.
+Zafar Aftab Again with this Idiotic Excuse that Hamas Rockets don't do much damage? Is this because of Hamas's good heart or maybe because of their lack of intent on killing? Neither. Incapability to kill is not an excuse against retaliation. Go try to attack a lion with a stick and then maybe you can explain to the lion that the stick just tickled it so no use to shred you into pieces. 
I say give West Bank and Gaza to Palestine, send in supplies, and make peace.
This is the most accurate piece of information i have seen posted here about this situation, the problem is that it is a comic about the situation.  It does accurately describe the situation.
Are they going to stop anyway? give them guns and they will start killing themselves.
It is exciting times, isn't it? (satire) I do not like it, but it is scarey exciting. Hope we can stay out of it. We could if we had become oil independent. Now our well being is at stake, all because of big monied oil. There is an old saying that you can not fight city hall. You also can not fight the oil industry. They have done everything in their power to keep making money from oil. The way they have stymied energy progress is criminal. Looks like we are all going to have to pay for it big time. If you can not see the oil connection in this, you need to get your head out of you know what.
If i created a hundred low tech rockets and started firing them randomly at a sworn enemy and used my neighbors as human shields, would i be surprised if someone retaliated in force AFTER I fired my hundreds of rockets.
+Bill Hampton US and Europe almost always get involved; the only reason Iran is trying to get nukes is because America replaced a democratically elected leader in Iran with a tyrant in the '50s.
+Jarrod McCarthy agree. however, the difference is that your neighbor also shuts off internet, power, and water.
+Sam Daitzman maybe you read some background first? they gave Gaza to the Palestinians as a first good-gesture step. Hamas took over Gaza and are using it to shoot rockets into Israel while using the civilians (even when dead) as their weapon. 
I bet Israel's reaction will be disproportionately swift and deliberate
This issue of believn seems 2 hypnotiz intelligent humanity.its rubbish they should embrace life instead
the picture shows equal no of strikes from both sides but why the deaths of Palestinians are far more then Israelis?Point To Ponder
+Eltjon Metko I agree. As I said, Israel has the moral high ground, but when they shut off the internet, that was too far. I agree with you mostly, but now Israel has crossed Anonymous.
+Jawad ul haq because Israel has iron dome defence systems, whereas Iran only supplies Hamas with offensive weapons.
+Arvin Bangayan I remember that a few of years back when Israeli fundamentalists were selling weapons to the Palestinians. Oh the irony.

The only winners here are weapon manufacturers (USA included) and ,to a lesser extent, weapon merchants.
if the UN decided for both palestinians and israelis before, why they don't do it again and finish this stupid conflict already, both sides are stubborn and refuse to talk and will keep playing the "it's their fault" game. So let the world decide once again what's better for them because they are unable to do it
This caricature is stupid. Hamas and the nation of Israel are certainly not on equal moral footing, and pretending that they are is foolish at best, propaganda at worst. Ask yourself: who are the expressed targets of Hamas, and who are the expressed targets of Israeli strikes?
Something applicable to every nation at conflict today. :) 
Hooray religion! Causing people to kill each other over fiction ever since some guy invented a story to make people do what he wanted in the same time period that people thought the world was flat!
+Pablo Fernando Simbaña  The UN has decided, and the world agrees that the 1967 borders are legit.  The settlements, and occupation are illegal.  Thing is, the UN is a joke.
+Jawad ul haq there are less Israeli deaths because of the inefficiency of Hamas attacks not because they are more restrained. 
+Eltjon Metko Agreed. I know people in Gaza and in the Israeli army; the Israeli army is the best army in the world, if not the largest.
+Mo Hussain UN is not a joke, just a huge hipocrasy. Only action that happens is when all permanent members of the security council agree (invade Iraq for cheap oil).

Any other legal resolution needs a 'backer' and none against or it will be written on wet paper.
+Omar khrais I am getting my information from CNN, Fox, Al Jazeera, MSNBC, BBC, several people inside gaza, the Jerusalem post, a number of live feeds, a hacker group monitoring the situation and hacking the Israeli government as we speak, the IDF's twitter feed, al-Qassam's twitter feed, and friends in the Israeli army. Is that enough data for you?
Just kill them both,interception is a best way to stop war.
Anyone who thinks that religion is the cause of all major wars and such obviously hasn't read a shred of 20th century history.
People should realize that Gaza is one of the most densely populated and most impoverished places on Earth.  Desperately poor people are unafraid of death.  Hamas is popular because they are seen as standing up to Israeli tyranny.  Hamas should instead use non-violence and the world press to force Israel to give the citizens of Gaza a decent life.  Guns and missiles have produced nothing for 40 years.  Why not try something else?
jews are getting bad image just becoz of israel policies and occupation of land.there are lot of gr8 jews also who are religious as well as not liking israel policies!!
Jay A
how I wish disputes like this can be settled by farts! who farts the louder wins!!!
oh just kill em all. Solves the problem, cut out the warts!
+Omar khrais its not that simple, most western media is controlled by economic interests, most of which have no jewish, must less zionist components.

Yes there coverage is skewed but clearly attributable to lazyness, incompetence and media demographic pandering over actual conspiracy. Not that this prevents people from conspiring to manipulate the public.

The media in the rest of the world is mostly government controlled and also very biased to the interests of those pulling the strings.

The west still clings to he illusion of a free press, but the overwhelming conspiracy is also an illusion.
Ireland is worst country of pregnant women
I wish if i could see the judgement of God on those people.
people are afraid to try different things because of the possible outcomes they might bring
Bill, big oil is the biggest investor and developer of alternate energy. They haven't stymied it in any way, that's just a talking point and even the people behind it know it isn't true. It's just a useful lie because it keeps the donations and support coming in. It's the federal government, not big oil that is the obstacle to energy independence. We've got the world's largest reservoirs of fossil fuels in North America. It's just that most of it is inaccessible because of prohibitions or regulatory obstacles.
make our life happy and peaceful go in jamat of tableg 3 days or 4o days then see 
make our life happy and peaceful go in jamat of tableg 3 days or 4o days then see 
@ Vishal Bhambri - not sure where that comes from in this context ("Ireland is worst country of pregnant women"), but it's not, nowhere near.  Recent news articles point out (at the end) that Ireland's death rate due to pregnancy is 3 per 100,000, while Europe and America come in at 14 per 100,000, so if you were a woman, where would you rather be pregnant?  (Asian countries were in the 100s per 100,000, btw.)
i don`t get it..why they choose war..solved problem?they just add more..
Tom Raj
its a great pix
It's not fair to equalize between the occupiers attacks and resistance defensive reaction. Shame on free world.

Only people benefiting from this are the arms manufacturers and distributors
May be conflict is part of problem solving

All the good people should get together and kill all the bad people, then there would be no war.

Only really true after it was repeated until only two people were left on the planet and then they'd kill each other.
How, exactly is Israel an occupying force in Gaza - since they unilaterally pulled out 6 years ago ? Gaza is defending itself against what ? Perhaps they are defending themselves from ever being a functional and free state? Israel can be a fantastic neighbor - or a fierce enemy.
Do you really equalize the attacker abd defender?!!
Hamas is just defending it's land. Israel should be warned to stop war. Israel started attacking to palestine. Israel is criminal of killing thousands of palestinian people.
Umm, I don't agree with that.  Why can't the good and bad make a compromise in which everyone gets equal rights?  That's what democracy is for. 
+Nicholas Schmelzer Democracy isn't about equal rights, the majority has more rights than everyone else in Democracy. A republic is meant to have equal rights.
+Caleb holt most democracies have rules that attempt to give minorities more say and protections. I'm not sure how a republic does better, as far as I know they are all considered a form of democracy.
As I understand it, all great religions teach peace, the golden rule, love your neighbor and not to kill. So why is it that most wars, including this one, are fought over religion where both sides violate all of the teachings?
Hamas has been elected by palestinian people's vote. But israel doesnt accept it.
A question:
What are the rights of israel in a land which is not its land and just occupied by genocide of palestinian people?
Are there any rights for them?!
Yeah, this is utter bullshit. Hamas has been consistently initiating hostilities since its foundation (and well before when you consider that they actually just split off from other terrorist groups). Israel has made its intentions for peace very well known and has constantly offered an opportunity to stop the violence. Hamas has stated its intention to kill all of the Jews and destroy Israel. If you don't understand the difference between these things then you don't have enough grounding in the issues to be making a judgment.
democracy is a goverment of  fooooools.........................nepolian
+Caleb holt Wrong.  A republic means that individuals are elected to represent the people.  Democracy is government in which the people have the power.  In the United States, we live in a democratic republic, individuals are (supposed to be) elected to carry out the will of the people.  Neither a republic nor a democracy has anything to do with equal rights, unless the will of the people is such that they demand equal rights.
Joel Carlson:
Religions teach us defend your home and land strongly as same as teaching to avoid war. This is the problem. When israelean zionists attacks muslim's border, not only it's their right, but also its their duty to defend their land and kill attackers.
What do you do when someone attack your country? Do you salute them? Or kicking them out of your borders?
By Derschweiz
Hypothetically speaking : when a cave man first stole fire from another cave man : it all started as simply as that.
+Hannan Komari Israelis almost exclusively strike in self-defense. And not within Palestinian borders (as Palestinians, not having a country, ahve no borders).
+Brian Coca They only have those rules if the majority votes them in. And when you say minorities do you mean like races? When I say a republic I mean like a constitution that gives people rights that the law says cannot be overridden by a majority rule.

A Minority can be as small as one person, but according to the law that one person could still have rights that cannot be overridden by the majority. This is a republic, and democracy doesn't agree to that at all.
Makes you look at past wars and say WOW...
Go Israel, kick some buttowski!
+Aviel Menter there was no Israel in map 70 years ago but a country of palestine.
Israel occupied palestinian land by force and terror. Do you deny this truth?!
It was never palestinian land, it was given to Israel by God himself. Just read the book of Genesis. It is recorded there!
Da fucking shit? why "go israel" why are you picking someone's side? you are sure that israeli is totally right?  i dont belive either palestina or israeli is justified but war is not right anyway, we should express our solidarity and not something like : go kill them or something else. cut it out, hope they will stop war
+Hannan Komari I deny that falsehood. There was never a country of Palestine in the entirety of history. There has been Israel and Egypt and Jordan, and before that England, and before that the Ottoman Empire, and before that the Caliphate and Crusaders and Arabs and Romans and Israelites etc. Never in history until 1993, when Israel gave the Palestinians land, had there ever been a country of Palestine.
your ignorance bores me giorgi lebanidze!
+giorgi lebanidze I side with the people who are acting in self-defense and against the people committing unprovoked acts of terror.
It's no doubt that israel has done alot of unbelievable crimes against palestinian settlers.
Shame on israel. Zionists are worse than wolves...
There never was a "Palestine" it was nicknamed that by the romans. Originally the land belonged to the jews.  And they were re-given the land after WWII from Great Britian. If you don't think it's rightfully theirs take it up with GB.
+Hannan Komari Almost all accusations of war crimes on the part of Israel have been falsehoods or grossly distorted. Also, I'd say that everyone is worse that wolves. Wolves are intelligent and delightful. Caninis Lupis is one of my favorite species.
+Darrell Crosby ha ha.
What a funny clame...
A land given by god!
Are you kidding me?!
Thats just a nonesence to decieve foolish people.
killing people make you good guy?i don`t think so..
war is not something that is wanted by everyone but it is something that is naturally a part of life.  I hope the two countries can settle the difference but we should not be surprised by war between countries when we have wars between people.  however, I do side with Israel. 
what about the 60 or so rockets that came out of gaza the week prior to this outbreak?
+Hannan Komari I'm with you there. People who say that Israel or Palestine are correct because the land was given by God are wrong. This isn't a matter of God this is a matter of morality.
Palestina and its ancient peoples deserve a land of their own, a place they can call home, free from the Jews' fire. This is not an antisemitic comment, but rather a call for peace and tolerance in a divided world. Didn't the Jews learn anything from the Holocaust?
+Daniel Rust Exactly. People forget that it's Hamas consistently initiating hostilities, not a cycle of violence.
This clearly defines not neccessarily short socio-economic, military or political circumstance exactly but addresses the unfortunate issues of constant vengefulness by the Israeli and Hamad which I find humourous because of it's pettiness.
+Aviel Menter
Hey guy what are you telling?! If you knew anything of history, you wouldn't tell this fulse things. There were no israel in70 years ago. Go and read UN's papers about israel to get what really happened...
that is a stupid comment +Keith Pluas, who do the Jews have in concentration camps??  One could argue that the Jews deserve the land because of its ancient history with the area.
+Hannan Komari Goldstone retracted his report. I know there was no Israel 70 years ago. I simply said there was never a country of Palestine.
How can anyone say there was no Israel 70 years ago?? smh..
God (Allah) doesn't tell us (i.e. The Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims in this case) to fight and if religion is used as an argument for war then clearly none of these religions are worthwhile.
Unfortunately you all have affected deeply by zionists effort to erase historical facts. Please go and read the true history from good and scientific references.
Religion is not an argument for war and its not an argument against it either.  War is a natural part of life.  What is unnatural is the weapons used.
+Hannan Komari I am well researched, don't worry.

Also, there was no country of Israel 70 years ago because the area was part of Britain's Mandate of Palestine, and thus a part of England.
israel will soon sink another American ship (with the benediction of Washington, as they did for the USS Liberty) and say this is the guys from Gaza, so the Americans will finish the genocide.
when there is no fuel or someone gets sense it will end
Look at gaza, it does not have to be a concentration camp. 
who is to say that its a fallacy?  war has been around as long as man has been corrupted.
sorry to wake you guys but vengence has nothing to do with it, palstinian wants all the jews dead so the Hamas atttacks and attacks and attck eve in 2008 when Israel decide not to strike back the palastinians continue with their terrorists attacks. what  Israel does isnt revenge either, strike their forces is the only way to make them stops, Israel kills most of their armed forces and than they stops shooting because most of the shooters dead and the rest to scared to fire, they dont want to get their heads out of the snake holes they hiding in
it isn't a concentration camp! To the extent that it is blocked out, that is the fault of Hamas and their supporters, not Israel. Israel has never been the aggressor and has always sought peace with its neighbors.
These guys are all clowns. They allow the worst voices to shout down the rest. 
i'm guessing that none of you have any family or friends who are military and have been in combat.  who are you to say that killing people makes someone a bad person?  It is called war.  
+lucas faragoza For an explanation, see wikipedia's article on the naturalistic fallacy, or any of David Hume's writings on the is-ought problem. The fallacious nature of the naturalistic fallacy has long since been established.
Komari, the Holy Bible was written many centuries before any scientific book! If you want accurate history, read the Bible.
when we all grow up and put the past behind us then we will see a brighter future
you're going to site me wikipedia? just lost credibility.
+Darrell Crosby the Bible. seriously. this is why American politics are failing. the Republican party is not what they used to be.
SIDE NOTE* ..the Bible is Scientifically/Historically/Geographically/Chronologically accurate.  do your study.
Sam, your ignorance is showing!
republican party. government we are the government if they are not the same then it is us who have changed
+lucas faragoza Wikipedia is as reliable as the encyclopedia brittanica, according to studies. I also referenced David Hume. You've made no argument. And the Bible is inaccurate. It says that the world is a few thousand years old when it's several billion.

+Darrell Crosby The Bible's age speaks to its inaccuracy. Modern research shows almost all of its claims to be false or unsubstantiated.
+Darrell Crosby in what way? the fact that I repute biased, ancient texts as scientific proof, or the fact that I believe our economy was worse under Bush than it is now?
lets not get into our unstable U.S government please.
Folks once the Palestinians fall to the Israelite as recorded by the British Royals version of predicted histories that is to take place in the future, new world order will start, Israel and all Muslims will unite and become one. This is also recorded in the Hebrew histories as well. At that time will also be the start of what is called the Armageddon - rumors of wars all over the globe for about 1000 years, then false peace, then what we may call as the end, which will really be a resetting period and a period that "God" him / herself takes rest. This is how I have interpreted from all known histories to how everything is to play out. According to original histories of our planet we have something like 432,000 + years left until the resetting period. So, we have lots of time. Greg. 
+Hannan Komari There wasn't Israel, but there were Jews, as there has been for centuries. When they represented a small fraction of the population, how could they occupy by force and terror? Such actions didn't occur until later, largely in reprisal to British refusal to allow Jewish migration from Nazi Germany, which certainly seems reprehensible in hindsight, given the treatment of Jews there.
The UN should enforce some kind of Nerf resolution.
do your research about "science"..they've changed how old the world is a lot of times.
+Joshua Probert It should also be noted that Irgun-Lehi (the Jews that committed those acts of terror) were denounced by Israel as terrorist organizations and dissolved.
+lucas faragoza Right, each time has been progressively more accurate. We know are confident that it's 4.5 billion years old. The Bible's immutability is a testament to its incorrectness. Unless you claim to know everything, new information will come up, and our understanding has to change given that information.
+lucas faragoza We've gone over this. Wikipedia is an accurate, reliable source, as confirmed by actual studies and not your arbitrary opinion.
+lucas faragoza studies have shown that wikipedia is more accurate than the majority of information on the web, along with fox news in many cases. it has been proven to be far more accurate than the bible.
Darrell, The bible was written centuries after the contents supposedly happened.    If, and I do mean if there is any small bit of truth in it, just imagine how much the stories inside could change in that time.
The Bible has not changed how old it says the world is.  Perhaps people who like chasing after the wind have, but not the Bible.  It has stood the test of critics and cynics throughout history.  No argument, just want people to really do some research on the Book.  on all religions for that matter.
its lunch time and this is nonsense.  have a good day.
Some if the comments that say it's sad but true are ao annoying and wrong and irritating, ppl please please please get educated before you speak your mind about the truth in this region of the planet.

Palestenians are defending them self. Fighting for their freedom. In case you are not aware. The Palestenians land, aka Israel, is occupied. The United nations admit it. All the world know it. Yet you think that hamas are just a bunch of Terrorists. I wish Germany had occupied all if you to give you a taste of ruthless military occupation, read and know the truth before you speak. You insult me, you unknowingly deny me from my freedom. And you think you know it all. F* you all. 
Sam Daitzman, people who think like you are the reason this whole country is going down the drain. Psa. 9:17 The wicked  shall be turned into hell, [and] all the nations that forget God. The Bible was written many centuries ago Ron Mimnaugh, I think you are confusing the actual writing with, the translation to the English language which was much later.
Dissonance, resonating entropy since Troy and beyond.
Humanity, 5000 years says dissonance creates war,
why is it the leading sold strategy in the world (computers and human)?!
The logistics say it is inefficient and wasteful to humanity.
+Osama Tamimi I agree, but Hamas shot first. Israel is being cruel. They have shut off the web. Yet, at the same time, they have been humane; I know people in Gaza. They have been given warnings to move. The rockets destroyed weapons that would have potentially killed Israeli citizens. No one is right in the fight.

Before you question my sources, I will list them: CNN, Fox, BBC, al-Jazeera, JPost, friends in Israeli army, several people inside Gaza, members of Anonymous who are currently hacking the Israeli government, al-Qassam and the IDF's twitter streams, live video streams from Gaza and Israel.

Sufficient data?
Woah woah people...

First off +Aviel Menter, the Bible doesn't say the world is a few thousand years old...the correct interpretation from Hebrew of the words "days", when used to describe the creation of the Earth in 7 days, is more accurately interpreted as "periods of time". And each period isn't necessarily the same as the other, so the first day could have been 20 million years and the second day could have been 100 million years, etc.

Second, there are Biblical accuracies, generally with regard to chronology and political events, but also remember that ancient Hebrew and especially Greek writing was more concerned about communicating principles and character than it was with accurate facts. Sometimes large numbers were used to communicate "a lot". So "modern research" would obviously show that certain claims were false, as much as anyone a thousand years from now would claim that the Mother Goose tales were false, even though they communicated very real events of their time. The Bible is obviously written for an older audience than Mother Goose and includes plenty of political and chronological events to give context.

+lucas faragoza, Wikipedia is as reliable as the cited sources of each article, many of which are as reliable as you will get with any source.
they found a half a million mile long solar flare on the sun dancing around ready to pop out and once iceland melts there goes canada and russia u think that is bad wait until ANTARTICA goes then we are all fucked lots of books and tales tell how the worlds coming to an end like the mians they said the earth ended 3 times already by the elements fire water etc. they say this time is going to be totally different or all of them combined, this is probably just a bunch ofbullshit to stress the people out and con them into buying that skidoo or quad w,e u always wanted and not save ur cash to feed the economy who knows we will never know unless we unite and search for the TRUTH but people dont care they just care about who beats rush hour first we are immature and drunk look around people laugh at the simple est of jokes and the movies are wacked out comedy is fucking sick. i dont know i am one man and i cannot speak for everyone else but im just saying we need to grow up and move on especially in canada we are one of the top countries to date and we cant even unite this land natives are still angry about taking the land when the cheifs signed an agreement for gas and cigs and quebec is trying to leave and make there own country to me its just a bunch of bs stop acting like kids and unite and move forward maybe its something in the air or something we eat who knows but this is really silly we have enhareted a world filled with this shit and if we dont do something about it now our grandkids will have to deal with the same thing and wont make any progress the sooner we unite and move on the better
^^the bible also says that having slaves is okay
God, free us from ad hominem, political parties, and comment threads.
forget the past and all the manuscripts focus on the future and what the planet needs one we stop bickering and fighting eachother we can start rebuilding this world and seriously looking at space travel maybe there is extra terestrial life out there maybe are gods are out there waiting for us to Grow up just think if we had the ability to go out in space and go to other planets we would be wanting to blow shit up and take over in the name of allah or jesus or w.e so until we smarten up we are earth bound people
Tony Wilkey, the Bible is not a work of fiction. You no doubt heard that from some educator or peer and are not able to think for yourself.
+Jack Graham and nearly every religious book has violent instructions somewhere: the Jewish and Christian bibles say to stone children in some cases and kill women for adultery, while the Qur'an has verses justifying the killing of nonbelievers.
+Sam Daitzman I'm sorry but the claim that hamas started it is bullshit, Israel is occupying, they are here by force. Please read history books, modern history books, and your sources for information are all bias and not worthy. Media is controlled. 
you are correct Sam Daitzman!
I can't make you believe me. But if you really want the truth. Research online and offline and you will find it in less than an hour. You just have to read. 
+Osama Tamimi my sources of information include friends inside Gaza who are being bombed right now and Anonymous, a hacking group that has declared war on the Israeli government. is that too much of a Zionist bias?
Here we go again folks. Lucas you do not get it nor do you understand, so let me once again say it and spell it out for you, OK?  Science, Mother Nature and God are all one in the same period! "God" no matter what history talks about him / her is the cause of all causes. There are as of today over 500,000 plus different human histories living on our planet. God gave us life, God gave us word, God gave us thought and our freedom to do what we wish with the thought in hopes that we will all some how learn that the battle is between good and evil in our community and society. This is so we can learn to get to know the differences and to learn accept God who he / she is and appreciate what he / she is all about, to be able to go back home and get off of these hell planets. To enjoy our spiritual life with our father rather than being on planets of hell and suffering to learn the differences. On these planets we live in contamination because everything is made of and from matter including our human body suits that we choose on a daily basis. I hope that someday I learn the right stuff to be able to go back home back into the spiritual world to be with God and all those that want to be with God and be in the spiritual world of purity, be a full whole soul, to have fun and always, forever throughout eternity and beyond, be enjoy with God and my spiritual peers, family and friends. That is it. Greg. 
The Christian Bible says no such thing. Things change when we get Jesus.
+Gregory Summers you are gregory summers, you live on planet earth. when you die and you go into ur fairy land u will seise to be and ur name will change and ur memories of earth will fade. i cant say what our purposes are here on earth because i dont know and there are thousands of farfetched stories of who we are and what we are meant to do. just live in the here and now and lets end this non sense and live as one and figure this out together instead of fighting one another look at a world map and take out all the borders earth is divided up and we are making bad choices?
+Chet Davis they chose their way to fight back, and we choose ours. The fact that peaceful resistance is more convenient to today's world that claims to protect human rights is irrelevant. Not to mention that we tried that path from 1993 to 2000 and the result was more land was stolen. A 20 feet tall semint wall is surrounding our cities. 
Hannan Komari, your ignorance continues to bore me.
bla bla bla, both sides are stupid, they just need to be ignored. both sides are killers, redneck, racist !!!
I stand with Israel! Case closed.
+Gregory Summers, there are over 300+ million gods in the world and you're going to say they are all the same?..shame on you. (I had a quick lunch)  +Sam Daitzman i did not give up but rather was hungry =)  

quick comment about the Bible:  it was written over a period of 1500 years with 40 different writers (all men) from three continents(used to be) Africa, Europe, and Asia.  It has many different genres of writing: Law, History, Poetry, Adventure, Parables, Letters, Prophecy.  and ONE subject: the Christ would redeem humanity from sin through bearing on Himself the punishment due humanity.  All who accept who He is and what He did will be "saved" from the wrath of God.  Old Testament is Christ concealed and New Testament is Christ revealed.  

I hate long posts, sorry for this one.
+Darrell Crosby I stand with Israel, Gaza, Palestine, and Anonymous. They're all wrong and right in different ways.
This has gone on for centuries, no reason to think it will ever end.
when will the people on the earth become one nation
Lucas Faragoza, well said!

That comic is drawing moral equivalency.  There is no moral equivalency between the Hamas Islamofscists and the free nation of Israel.
Supreme Being, please bring on an alien invasion = end of hostilities
where does a person go to bring these things up without having to wait months to speak with a government or have our voices heard when will the people on earth become free i dont know its the barriers we set on ourselfs skys the limit.. wait im pretty sure we passed the sky already!
+odai alnawafleh I hope you have a dream tonight, in this dream or nightmare, your country will be attacked by a superior military force. Your home will be demolished, you and your family become homeless and refugees on another country that doesn't give a shit about you. And your kids stop getting education and beg for money on the traffic lights. Then you wake up from that nightmare and thank whatever god you believe in that this was just a nightmare. And maybe then you would shut your mouth and not call us stupid you ignorant moron. 
People who say "Hamas's rockets are too small" "are like rocks" are not really lethal...
I would like to launch a few to your house and see how you respond
"It was never palestinian land, it was given to Israel by God himself. Just read the book of Genesis. It is recorded there!"  <--- this is the kind of stupid people that justify war and invations in both sides, I wipe my a** with all your gods and holy books. Just stop war, both sides need to reach an agreement, there will be sacrifices to be made for both sides as there is no chance both sides will get completely what they want, it's called compromise, the last thing the humanity needs is killing each other, it's stupid
I stand with Israel. For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. Who gave His life a ransom for all.
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Pablo Fernando Simbana, your ignorance bores me as well.
look , honestly if we do stop all the wars in the world and there are no killing the world will soon become over populated with people the rate people mate there would have to be laws inforce "certain education like university educated people can have up to one children per family" it would be crazy then people would freak out "u cant tell me i have a limit to raise kids" it would piss alot of people off but we all only use 10 percent of our minds and lesser people do tend to get angry easy we can just do our best????
Osama , 
ok if you think that i'm wrong, go head lunch some blind rockets on kids and women as the israeles do in gaza and be criminals like them, do it, just to let you know, it's true that you are the real land owners but can tell me why the whole world supporting Israel, just ask your self and don't look at the Arabic propaganda search well, and thanks for the good wishes Tamimi  !!
+Darrell Crosby see? this is exactly what i mean, you feel like the owner of the truth, you choose to believe what you want, so does the rest of the world, you can keep your delusion to yourself but certainly cannot provide proof of it to the rest of us, That's why it is ridiculous to take sides based on creed, because its a personal decision and not an irrefutable truth. I want both the palestinians and the israelis to reach peace, to stop war, the only winner I want is the common citizen that wants to give their children a nice place to live a thrive, for BOTH sides.
i heard china is trying to enforce this law or has already
+odai alnawafleh the wish was for a dream.

So what your saying is we should just give up. Surrender our land and rights for a decent free life, just because the world "says" we are the bad guys.

We will never surrender. That is a fact you and all others can count on. 
an asteroid impact right between them would put things in perspective: life is too valuable for an "eye for an eye" attitude
+Jose Martino please do shut up as you know nothing about the facts. Your being funny when ppl are dieing by the dosen in gazza. 
NO, see we always miss understand, never give up, use your mind to let the world believe you not them dude . tamimi .
This is all about Great Britain and USA selling weapons for their industry
+odai alnawafleh that's what trying to do here. I'm trying to tell you and everyone else that what we do is not attack Israel because we are blood thirsty, we do it in revenge for taking our land, lives, freedom.

We will fight in any way possible. 
I do have the truth. If you choose not to believe it, that is your privilege. Just bear in mind that I did not call you a name. Ignorance is not a bad name, it is a condition and can be fixed if you were not adamant about what you think you believe.
Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.. we are far from perfect people but when we are we will be beautiful. maybe in a couple more ice ages people dont want to let fuedes go they have lost so much already i cant relate to the pain pride is to strong for them i dont understand and i dont want to world peace is close yet far, this is one of the main reasons why i dont even want my unborn children in this world filled with wars toxins its maddness. MADDNESS
this is usually how government affairs work
It's been fun y'all, I'm gonna pick up my marbles now and go home. Hope I've given you all some food for thought.Catch you next time adios!
+Darrell Crosby and that's exactly my point, you think you have the absolute truth, so does the rest of the people who believe in another deity or such, so you could be right or maybe not. And those hard to crack positions are the ones that keep this conflict, apparently they don't want to negociate because they think they are right and will fight for it instead of reaching compromise that will keep both sides in peace, they don't need to like each other but to al least reach an agreement that shedding more blood will help no one. +Lionel Letcher I may sound like that but i'm not, remember tolerate something doesn't mean you have to like it, I dislike the intolerance that religion preaches disguised as loyalty but as long as they keep all their beliefs to themselves and their community withouth pushing it to other people I'm fine with it, if not, i'll be one of those against it
Go Israel! Take back Gaza and send those terrorist Palestinians packing. 
Both of them should go to mars.. And create colony .. 
if moses wouldn,t had jushua do a half ass job in the first place! this wouldn,t be an issue! this will never end until one no longer exists!
.. cute, but an unbalanced view of the conflict.
Timur K
that is so funny.
is isreal ever going to give up what they feel GOD gave to them??? NO!!! is palestine ever going to stop hating isreal because they can,t get their stuff back? NO!!! is isreal ever going to go back to where they came from??? NO!!!! IS THIS EVER GOING TO STOP??? NO!!! not until one or the other no longer exists or isreal goes back to where they came from! how long has this been going on??? FOREVER!!!! this isn,t rocket science!
Same old Same old!  Someone tell them to settle it and forget it please!!
+Pablo Fernando Simbaña you said... "...I dislike the intolerance that religion preaches... ...but as long as they keep all their beliefs to themselves and their community withouth pushing it to other people I'm fine with it, if not, i'll be one of those against it"
Can I ask, aren't you doing exactly the same thing you are speaking against? Shouldn't you keep this opinion/belief of yours to yourself and your community? I personally do not believe you should, just examining your logic a little. (A bit similar to the argument "there is no absolute truth". What an irony that people would make such a statement, absolutely!) :)
It is not just religion that is intolerant. Think of Marx, Polpot, Mao, Hitler.
I think we should all be able to speak our opinions. The first casualty of war is truth and there is not a lot of truth being reported about this situation. Does anyone know the origins of the Palestinian people, and where the name 'Palestine' came from?
Blood feud. It'll end when the world does
+john doe Back to where? Back to Russia (Pogroms), or perhaps Auschwitz? Wasn't the reason for their return to Israel because they were being disenfranchised and exterminated in Europe?
better question is what is the original home land of isreal +Lionel Letcher  they are sitting on where the palistines are from!
The answer is simple Hamas puts down their weapons, its all over and we can start talking peace

Israel puts down their weapons and there's no more country of Israel
which choice do you prefer?

if you choose the second take a good look in the mirror
and see if you are a part of the problem or the solution
I can't agree more, Dan.  You can talk about who started what and it will take you back about 2000 years or more and get you no where.  All you have to do to see who is in the wrong and who is in the right is look at their methods NOW.   Use human shields vs. dropping pamphlets to warn civilians (and your enemy) of an upcoming attack thereby making your attacks less effective in stopping your enemy because the need to try to warn the innocent.
The fight is unequal.
This cartoon, the analogy: is false.
can no one answer this question???? WHERE the fuck is isreals original home land???
expanding the country by killing 200+ innocents on weekly or monthly basis. I think if i am that soldier and look into the mirror, i should shoot myself after such masscre. everyone has the right to fight for freedom, and thats wht Palestinians are doing. Unless you know the opposite from your media.
Ryan Ng
Stop killing civilians, if you want to do that get this game called Halo.
So it goes round again right Daniel, I guess it just went over your head.
sadly, very true. Can't the two sides just agree on the point that they want to live peacefully and not die? is that not enough?
No matter how you look at it fighting over religion seems to bring more opposition than understanding.
+Dion Bailey I think it's problem of dogmatism more then religion (which contains dogmatism, but is a narrower term). Religion is dogma-based memetic virus. If you are indoctrinated=raised in that dogmatic mindset, your understanding of the reality becomes dogmatic, and with it the inability to see the world through the lens of relativity and even empathy with people of the different view.
This is a theory proposed long ago by the philospohper Piaget.
Israel is not motivated to make peace. They are okay with the status quo. Palestinians are suffering while the thrive on Zionist donations mostly from the u.s.
This is hardly a religious issue. If the US gave the state of Utah to India, you'd be wrong to say that the fighting between the local resistance and the occupying force was a battle between Hinduism and Mormanism. It's just a correlation, not cause and effect.
Peace will come after the upcoming Israeli civil war, when moderate Israelis take their country back from their fundamentalist bretheren, immediately halt settlement activities, and come to the negotiating table ready to agree to a Palestinian state with real autonomy (i.e. control of borders, security, airspace, water rights, etc.). This isn't as far away as many of you suspect. The alternative is an eventuality where due to the comparative birth rates of Arab and Hebrew residents of Israel, the State ofIsrael becomes an apartheid state. In this scenario also, civil war will settle things.

In reply to rich robinson;maybe hamas and co can wipe out israel!
Neatly illustrates the absence of any moral high ground.
so if i come take half your land and after you start bitching i give you half of it back are you going to be ok with that? im still squatting on a quarter of your land! you going to ever be ok with that? how about if i start fucking your wife and after you start bitching about it i give her back to you during the week and only fuck her on the weekend? are you ever going to be ok with that? get real!!!! this will never end! not until the jews go back to where ever the fuck they came from! if you are ok with that iam going to build a vacation house on your land and while am there im going to fuck your wife! are you ok with that really? anyone?
Why do muslims want this tiny piece of land. They have enough and are now occupying and invading  most of Europe. Every country in Europe has a muslim overpopulation problem. They don't want to live in their countries and complain that European countries are not like their sharia law country.
This is sad. They go to war and only innocence people pay the ultimate prize . Kids among others
Read a book called a Criminal History of Mankind. It logically explains this war and every sorry ass war.
+Warren Smith why can't every one just live in peace instead of kicking one party or the other
Peace requires people to accept that truth belongs to everyone... How could this be in this part of the world ??
People suffer while the politicians line their pockets... 
muslims should officially support palastein ! they had enough !!
+john doe - Muslims are invading all of Europe - When they get out then start complaining
so scared of the other guy. you just can not trust anyone to not take advantage of something and you are left with less.
Jews have been persecuted throughout history, i wonder why?
To seba piotr what are you on about? Israel is guilty of a hell of a lot , they are insidious and deceive, inveigle and practice to obfuscate. The west is hypocritical as hell, if all was fair then the palestinians would have the same militaru hardware that israel has kindly been provided with; mainly by the u.s. I hasten to add!
In reply to johann blake in israels twisted logic it's ok to murder hundreds of innocent people if one jew is injured!
End time, that's all what these are dragging to. The Messaiah and the New World Order.
Rob olson are you f-ing serious!
The cartoon misses out the bit where Israel steals land and illegally builds settlements on it. Israel pisses over the Geneva Conventions. If someone stole my house and built a settlement on it, I would attack the bastards every single day with anything I could get my hands on. Exactly what we planned to do to if England was invaded by the Fascists. The IDF need to be categorised as a terrorist organisation.
MR Warren Smith not the muslims want that part convert ur qution say why the zoinist or jewich bad of them want that place coz i think you read the past the history who stoll that from muslims and how   by killing by maskara read man and this is part of muslims land and ask ur self why america support isreal man it's devil man
grammar check / spell check
+Lionel Letcher I only stated my point of view when the other guy stated he has the only truth and that's why he supports Israel, if you check my other comments had nothing to do with religion. Maybe I didn't express myself properly I mean't in terms of belief there is not an absolute truth until it has solid and irrefutable proof so that's why people should choose their beliefs, whatever fits them and hopefully something that makes their lives better and not worse and I agree, intolerance can be found anywhere, sadly some religions spread intolerance. What I'd like as I stated before is all the violence to stop and put both parties to talk and compromise as we all know they are not going to get all they want, not the palestinians nor the israelis.
This isn't funny at all, this war needs to end.
I hope to god that President Obama just stays out of it.
The Palastinians need to have a voice in parliment and Isael needs to stop the suffering that they apply.
would the world be better off if they just wiped each other out? its so ridiculous.
It won't stop, if there is any justice palestine will get UN recognition! Unlikely, but hey with American backing Israel pretty much has carte blanche to massacre the palestinians. Oh yeah not to mention any protester who dares to go over there, to provide target practice for the IDF! P.S did the jewish diaspora and holocaust provide Israel with a free pass to do what they want, under the guise of national security!
Try someone takeover your land and your homes and they make them as their homes. Palestine is a holy land for Christian, islam and jews. Not for jews only. U don't learn history much.. Blaming others because lack of understanding.. It is the human nature to take advantage on others. Justice nowadays is built on the axis of power, those who have power, they control justice.
Dad: Is this the same "Economist" you get delivered in magazine form?
Have a nice Thanksgiving with The McIsaacs or Friends.

Imagine no religion...
The United Nation gave Palestine to the Jews in 64 or 65. Palestine is mentioned in the Bible.The Jews fled from Egypt into Palestine!
Israel had it frontiers set. But it kept and keep expending them chewing on palestinian territories. They clearly said they wont stop and that no negotiation is possible because they believe east Jerusalem and the west bank etc. is the land of king David (from the bible) therefore theirs. There is a process of forced colonisation going on. So I guess the question is if your home country was invaded what would you do? By the way, some say that Jews and Arabs can't get along...well Israel population is more than 20% arab. And a lot of jews don't support their government actions regarding Palestine.
I like what someone said back Jerusalem is considered a Holy place to many religions it should not be a place that belongs to one people. Jerusalem belongs to all!
It is very unfortunate for both Isreal and Palistine and very human, to bad they couldn't be Divine
these people like the libyians who Obama gave guns mortars etc too,they in turn use those same supplied by Obama too murder Tyrone woods and 3 others then shipped to GAZA now being used by HAMAS/HEZBOLLAH/MUSLIMBROTHERHOOD TONIGHT TO BOMB JERUSALEM, all started in Iraq/supplied by WHO IRAN OBAMA FRIEND who as of 11/17/12 expedited their nuke program 10fold war on horizon OBAMA IN LEADS Americans will fall HASSANN i SHAAB OBAMA holy father and the holy teachings of Ifa is what he follow when done even the unionism will evaporate as Obama will no longer need the idiot's and destroyers if our GREAT NATION
Israel is bullshit becz he just attack innocent people of Palestine ... if he is storng then why he dont attack in iran ...bullshit country on earth
* Que
It's all gona hit the fan.
There's a war hurry up republicans before you miss out on your chance

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Both sides have to learn to forgive one another, otherwise there will never be peace..At this point war is almost inevitable.
Makes me want to sell nukes to the Iranians. Why so many nations and politicians are supporting Israel is quite beyond me.
The reason for the support for Israel is becose It belongs to the Lord Almighty.  Palastine as always been a problem cos they don't want peace they want to rule like the Islamic world.  So good will over come evil or light will over come darkness.  Yes it would be good if countrys live in peace with one-another, but I wouldn't like to be ruled by a country like Iran.  Israel as not started this war, but the oppersition, (Palastine).  So if Israel come on the defencive, and they have a right too, after all, who fired the firest shot? Palastine. 
This is an endless war, only the innocents suffer ...
Think McFly....if Israel lays down their guns...Israel get wiped out.
If Palestinians put down their guns...Peace appears.
Any questions?

Point is he used "vernichtung" to redistribute the wealth from one group of peoples to give to another group of people less deservent of said wealth/property homosexual who cares he took like Obama wants too and gave to another group just like Obama wants too all in the name of socializing the economy as is the unionists/leftists/liberals are attempting here in 2012 so unless your fuckin gullible as you sound I think dissertation on religion/and the practices of trump your x-box experiences fuck face, oh yes I served this flag also most likely before you were sperm in someone's cock!!!Tyrone woods 1/15/71 to 9/11/12 in BENGHAZI that's why I fight again now so stay away this is hardball tunnel fighting unless you had yellow lightning bolts on your sleeve stand pup,there will be blood!!

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Don't have to sell clown they're less than 78 days away tonite we should wipe them and theirs off face of planet instead of kissing their asses but Obama supports them watch learned you followers of CHAO gullible skeptical of conventional ideals,yet!attracted too very unorthodox ideals,that self promote,yourselves,and follow the inner doctrine-power is an end in itself

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If the Palestinians stop fighting there will be no Palestine. The Israeli's are taking it from them already. How is this less bad than no Israel.
You must believe in autarchist and anarchy,and be follower if autarchism,because you surely resemble hung mung,"KALLISTI" flows from your lips while the blood of this nation flows below you,your "outer dictorine" is like all you knights of TEMPLAR protectors,you are the panurgia of our times

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let us see who gonna delete and repost :)
+Richard Stacy and that is exactly why people around the world are becoming USA enemies. dear sir, I have lived in USA, inside USA homes and with American families , and we are more than friends, we became family. Israel is occupying a land that was given to them by United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour, who BTW does not own the land to give it away in the first place. and this is not ancient history, this was in 1917, before that this land was populated by 700 thousand Palestinians whom Israel forced out of the country(Palestine) by killing them. where do you think the Palestinian refugees came from! what happened in Palestine is hidden from the world because Zionists control the media and they never allow this kind of information to surface, but it is easily obtainable with very few searches on Google.

As of January 2010, UNRWA cites 1,396,368 registered refugees in camps and 3,370,302 registered refugees not in camps.


so Sir, please do not consider me your enemy, i don't want to be , we the Palestinians don't want to be enemies with anyone, expect for those who try to take our land, right or life and freedom away from us, those should be my and your enemies.

thank you
Osama, Your fellow country men do not behave in a manner as described by you.  
If you wish to review HISTORY then you might want to consider the times before WWI---say, like---4,000 years before.  
I am not impressed with your input, tho all are welcome.  
I am not swayed by anything you put together with the small list of "facts" someone gave you.
In reality, you are only repeating things that have been proven false and misleading by millions of people from a hundred countries, and especially since the 1917 date you mentioned.  Israel as not given to the Jews at that time---the Jews were given Israel BACK at that time.  

OH---can you quote the 1948 thingy to me, too?  Just wondering..............
Richard, let us consider the time before WWI, who lived in the land located between Syria, Egypt and Hijaz? or was is empty! 

people lived there, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived there all together in peace. we still live with Jews right now and we never had any issues with them unlike what the mainstream Zionist media tries to plant in everyone's mind, this struggle is not 4000 years old and it is not a conflict of religions. 

during WWII Britain supplied Israel (which was not yet declared as a State) with weapons and logistics to help fight against the Germans.

after WWII The Jews who survived the war moved in to this land (which is Palestine) from all over Europe to establish a State. which was promised to them by Britain. 

The Immigrates then used all the arms provided by Britain to concurred more land and force people out of their homes ( this is where the almost 5 Million Palestinians refugees come from )

after that came the declaration of the state of Israel and United states took leadership of the world from UK. and the Zionist lobby in USA started to rally support for Israel.

This history is well documented and easily provable. i just don't want to turn this into reference battle. but if you have an open mind, look up Norman Finkelstein works, he can elaborate better than anyone on the facts and documents of the case.

The problem is that the whole world is under the impression that this conflict is ancient and unsolvable. when the truth is the exact opposite of that. simply put, the Newly established State of Israel is occupying a land it has no right to, committing genocide and war crimes every single day to sustain the occupation. and we simply want our freedom.

Sir, we are people just like you, we have feelings , rights, ambitions , dreams, schools, universities, corporations , jobs. we are normal people. we are not racists and we are far from it. 

Personally i admire the american people, not the government, the government i hate and despise because of the Unilateral role they play in helping and supporting the Occupation of my home for more than 60 years. and i have absolute faith that if the american public (or any free nation for that matter) knew what we have put up with and fought for for the last 60-70 years, they would admire us just the same and will come to our rescue. 

thank you :) 
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