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This week Barack Obama decided to block a private Chinese company from buying a wind farm near an American military installation in Oregon. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the president’s decision, it fits into a pattern that should worry China’s businesspeople and rulers 
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HT Sofa
Barack Obama đã ra một quyết định đũng đắn.
It's a matter of national security, not business.  First, I believe that the ONLY reason why this president has done this is that he's been called on his poor track record the past 4 years with regard to holding China within certain limits. Second, ALL presidents should consider national security first, business second, but always put business first to assure national security. In recent years most of them have not done this. Congress is also at fault at times for putting business before the security of this nation.
We've already witnessed Chinese nationals hacking energy grids --- why would we want them to be able to do it better?
+Allan Colombo You've definitely got the right perspectives with what facts there are that are given. Perhaps the U.S. government doesn't really know what to do with China - considering their post Cold War relationship to each other.
if the two countries develop friendly to each other, then what will happened ? of course good ..why not ??????
Wow, what an informative article! Does journalism get any better?
Propaganda rules the journalistic market these days as true, unbiased journalism is a thing of the past, unfortunately I might add.  I might add that this one seems pretty much on the dot from what I can see.  All too often media seems more intent with the great social experiment that has been in place for some time, uprooting local mores and replacing them with a left-leaning set of values.
Good!! I don't want China owning America!! Yea I said it! Suck on it!!
awind farm,please, what is wrong with the distance to  a 'base,very smart decision~ I detect a bit, parionoya,LOL~let them buy You dictator,he will do great, elseware anyway~
Co phai cuoc chien cua con voi va con lua khong cac ban?
ps."I would love to live 'FREE~Solar Powered',amen".~

(AND I JUST LOVE THE Chineese ,Expecially the BOWING)~ ; )
Does anyone think China does anything wrong?? We live in a world where countries are up to no good all the time. Its been that away since the early days of civilization. I say even trade, we buy a energy plant right next door to one of their bases for the wind farm next to ours. Let's see if they will go for that?
The fact of the matter is that Chinese companies which are run very closely to the Chinese government are not trusted by other governments all over the world. They should change the way they operate if they want to be trusted.
heres a little story - american companies come up to canada - they buy a shitload of land as per NAFTA .. then they install millions of dollars in windfarms (which dont use canadian workers and dont benefit local canadian towns in which they're built)  they lock in a contract price with the local electrical producers - and they make a shitload of money selling to the grid.   WHICH PUTS UP RATES OF LOCAL CITIZENS AS ELECTRICAL COMPANIES NO LONGER REACH PROFIT MARGINS BECAUSE OF THE SUBSIDISATION OF GREEN ENERGY.
Here's the primary reason why you do not want China anywhere near a military base: SIGINT. Call it paranoia if you wish, but it's NATIONAL SECURITY and I would expect nothing less from the Chinese Gov't if the roles were switched.
Guys this wind farm will be China's just not before the election,Obama doesn't feel deal so go throught yet,they need Obama member too front the project here in Oregon the liberals love this shit we had camp here for terrorist training,they allowed,we had those freak bagwan
+Will Palaia oil companies dont have to report leaks in the pipeline if its less than 5000 gallons...  do you know what 4000 gallons of spilled fuel does to the local environment? heh. 
I have a unix computer on my home network that hackers try to break into two or three times a day (one address out of tens of millions in the US). Nine out of ten of the attacking IP addresses are from China. When they have succeeded in breaking into other computers they invariably copy all the blueprints and technical documents they find. China is using their computer science students to steal any intellectual property or military secrets they can, and then distributing it to their private and state owned companies.
Again, I suspect it's not the wind generation the Chinese is interested in, but interception of electronic signals on the base.  We do it in other nations, they do it in ours.  You have to have rules and you should not allow a Chinese company too close to any military assets.
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ko paj bjnh ma la bau sua~ to hjc
This is not a safe world and you can bet the Chinese military is tooling up for a confrontation with the U.S., so this is the reality of things as they really are. Those who think "engagement" and bearing our innards to the world will result in respect and non-interference on the part of communist-based regimes is mistaken.
very good decision as it is a matter of national security for a non indiginious buisness to set up camp right next to a military base.  It would not be allowed for an expat company to set up an instlation near another Nation's military facility so what isthe real logicaldiffrence here?
Mình không thích TQ đơn giản vì là một quốc gia không coi trọng hòa bình
chu ngọc mih..chú nói rất đúng cháu duyệt :D
If this article is true, then for once I actually agree with Obama! China should absolutely not own ANY American property! They already have control of a lot of our economy, they shouldn't have any of our land too...Good job on this one Obama!
Despite some effort on my part, I don't have enough information to have an informed opinion on this. Any chance at all that makes any of you feel like dicks?...course not. What was I thinking?
Why are we letting china or any other country to own apart of America? This isn't right!I wish he'd let Americans have that chance ,not that the government would let us own our own land.
This blatant nonsense from the US should worry the US endlessly!
You got that right Chris, fact is, we should be the not selling any land or business's from over sea's buyers....
All of countries are prepared to snatch up the world.
A German company owns my local water utility.  I'm not too happy with that either.
It seems like a blatant conflict of interest to have foreign financial interests controlling services meant to serve a smaller local community. 
There are prosperous ideas. Perhaps Romney can change things for the better. I know what you mean though. I know the economy has really been undergoing too much change and imbalance. Ignoring Netanyahu and sitting on our hands and waiting isn't going to work. Sometimes it isn't a good idea to be overly receptive to Iran either, I think they took it as a sign of weakness. After all we were told that if Israel struck they would hold us responsible. Our world problems need  more focus. We do indeed need to allow our state governments to have more control over their varied government applications.
we owe them so much money we now work for them. why give them more? guess who borrowed the money? hint, starts with an R.
Someone tell me why it would be a good idea for a chineese company to own any part of our energy production?
It should not be allowed for any foreign interest to own our utilities or infrastructure.
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but it was blocked for two critical reasons I think all Americans should appreciate. (1) this isn't a private Chinese citizen buying it, it's a state-owned company. The Chinese government is buying it. (2) It was right next to an American Air Force base to the extent that it would be very easy for them to electronically monitor the activity on it.

I don't know about The Economist, but I don't like the idea of the communist Chinese government owning land right next to a national defense fixture.
It's crazy. If it weren't for the U.S. China would be speaking Japanese! Now they try to covertly find ways to attack us. If the President would've allowed he would be criticized. He didn't allow it he is being criticized. I have never seen a President under so much scrutiny. Not even stupid ass Bush Jr.!
+Eddie Fox I'm genuinely surprised this has been spun against him. I saw it in the news this week and thought it was a pretty decent decision with obvious reasons. Then to see it as an indictment of his openness to international business? This The Economist right? They know how China treats Canada and America's businesses don't they? They do care about national security, no?

Also the article's premise that this stuff is being blocked because the companies are unfairly advantaged is not the case for the wind farm. It might be the case up here with Nexen.
The right must attack the POTUS no matter what. Their base is full of low info voters just look at the ratings for fox news
Possibly the only sensible thing he has done since stealing the election.
hey Theo, Obama`s only made a few mistakes which is to be expected. tell me what sensible things the Republicans have done since 1996. it took 12 years for the Republicans to run this country into the ground and you expect a Democrat to fix it in four. you remember 1996 don`t you? the stock market was at it`s highest, unemployment was at it`s lowest, and it was the best economy we`d seen in something like 30 years and the Republican`s were going around saying "it`s time for a change". well they sure changed things didn`t they?
Sorry, +Glen Warr.  I'm not buying the DemocRAT propaganda.  His actions are directly responsible for the huge deficit.
oh yeah Theo, Obama ran up a $16 trillion deficit in four years.
Leeeetttt's get reeeady to get partisan!
+Theo Von Druessel "READ MY LIPS! NO NEW TAXES!" That's right! Republicans forgot about that! Propaganda. Please!
Alex ho
It's a little similar to Japan in 1990s when Japanese bought so much American companies and got resistance by American people.
I don't think so.  It's been more than obvious that China is attempting to make inroads into the US.
And not for economic reasons either.  Only recently, we heard about the Chinese, selling electronic and software products to the US. That would allow them to collect information and even take control of the items named. 
  Why should they be permitted to do anything they want?  Because we owe them money?  Is the national debt, reason enough for a national takeover?
What about the Canadian Border Agency where managers were wined and dinned in a Toronto restaurant, What do you think the Chinese are up to? They must think we are stupid, charge these managers with Treason now, and boot these Chinese out of the country!
Racist Americans want to find some reason to beat an upcoming yellow Asian power...they never find anything wrong with white  German or Polish investments....with regard to Asians and Africans any contrived excuse will do....
How easy would it be for U.S. Set up a 'wind farm' over looking a Chinese Military installation. Isn't it great how reverse logic is 'lacking' in the World?! Sure I'd like nothing more than not even having to think about this story, but?!
Until each member of a particular Country has their allegiance set 'higher' than Country of Origin-this 'crap' will continue.
All because of 'Human based' what's in it for me (Country).
Until we ALL become Citizens of the 'World' looking at the 'Good' for 'All members in it!...' This 'crap' will continue!.
The world, is like a 'communal house', if certain rooms keep 'peeping through key holes' and 'stealing the Milk...' This 'Crap' will continue!
It will stop, when people stop to Realise... Their 'allegiance' isn't to a 'room' but the 'Dwelling' in the 'neighbour-hood ' sick of their 'Constant' bickering & 'games'.
Until 'Ethics' replaces local/room 'personal gain...'
......... this 'crap' will continue-for 'good reason'. That's why it's 'crap'. If your 'older than' Ten years old it you know when you're doing a 'suspect' thing.
So it should come as no surprise to be kept out of a room in some way. 
Read Economist article (July- Aug) on the rise of Huawei, a Chinese company in telecommunication sector..we can see that most of the blocking efforts by Eurpoe and US are due to fear than any well founded rational reasons
   Sanjay Negi  it's not a matter of race, when one country makes deals internationally.  You comment is childish, and only shows', that when some children don't get their way, they'll say the meanest thing they can, to lash out.
  But the fact America already receives such a huge amount of goods produced in China, only proves you wrong.
And I wouldn't classify China, "the largest Asian power in the world," as "upcoming."  Growing, yes.  And it has grown fat, on US dollars.  So, it would be better to hold your "racist" card, for an argument that would support you.
  And why should Americans buy something, when we may   already be getting the same thing, cheaper, from elsewhere?
"And it has grown fat, on US dollars. " - where do the US Dollar come from? By selling bonds and raising money (government debt) in international markets where China is the prominent buyer, (not due to any meaningful net economic activity). and the best people from India and china are working and increasing US GDP, rather than doing good for ones own country. I certainly think this is going to change in next 20 years.
+James Lanning , thanks for the compliments about the maturity of my comments....

Please look into your hearts and swear that white people are not is not only US, it is all of Europe including Russia...the fact is that racist exclusion through history has been only practiced by white skinned people....not by Blacks, not by Yellows, not by Browns...only whites...

And it is not their fault at is because of physics...white skin reflects more light and hence is more visible... so all the creases, frowns and blushes on a white skin are more visible than on darker skins...that leads to the beholder trusting the white stranger more than his own brother of darker skin and making sincere attempts to bond with the white person...

This increases the white person's self worth and confidence and makes them racists...
Sanjay, can you please stop discussion if it is along this line? I do not think anyone much appreciates this digression..
Nobody is forcing you to read...thanks for your advice anyway...advice which I don't intend to follow....
+Hari MP We are living in democracy (I'm not sure about you), and it give right to express the ideas!
   I had to go put my boots on, for that  deposition, on the white race.  But I think we can see where the racism is coming from.
  I'll be first to say, I'm a proud American.  This country has for years, been the land of opportunity, for ALL peoples, who wanted to come here and try to make their own dreams happen.
  I'll also be the first to say, as a white man, I'm not always proud, of what others of my race choose to do, to counter their own low esteem, fear, and ignorance.
  They sound a lot like our friend here, berating other people, for their own lack, or misfortunes, or frustrations in life.  
  I won't attempt to answer, for the choices made by other people.  And I won't let someone attempt to judge me, for the actions of others.
  Yes, there are some whites, that are guilty of all sorts of hate and violence and blood shed.  But that's not me, and they represent such a small percentage, of the white race.
  Sorry folks, but when confronted, I will stand my ground.  
as far a i kmow, you don't need to be close to a base to know what is happening there. there are something call spy satellite! not every china listen to the government.
May be they are suffering from 'inferiority complex'!!
Watch out for Trolls! Any negative tinge is a hint-they'll pull you into 'comment' and 'push your Buttons' don't talk to them! Psychic Vampires wasting your Seconds-your Life. Like 'Automated Bots' do. Don't feed the 'quibbles' they've nothing, are 'Nothing' knowing 'that' they need to fill 'their' vacuum. By "Sucking" not giving!
Watch out for bitter twisted 'Trolls!' baiting you! BE WELL ALL-EVEN (blind) THEM!
Not 'Worry China' it is a 'Golden opportunity' to reevaluate, what is it I am doing 'Out of Harmony' with 'concerned' Citizens of the World. People are everywhere...
America is Only a country. I do not think it would be smooth if America, or any larger Country wanted to. 'Wander' thru the Political Garden, yet many Chi-people will Love you if you mean no harm.
That's to every Country on Earth, why so many wasted moments, tripping up, blaming, making life miserable, is that in the Contract-No!
But force everyone not in 'the Club' to suffer!
Are you ALL so 'superior' by 'Self' admission. This is an 'observation' I 'feel' for you that there's so many reason-for hiding. Truth.
In God we Trust. These sayings are falling out of the sky, yet I see little practical application. Or there would be Peace.
And yet -we are ALL still blessed to be 'Here' but some know it 'Deeply' and wish to 'share' that. Were it you would you... 'share' if not, how is the 'Creation' meant to Work if a 'closed' system. It can't, it only works by Flow. There is enough to do-for one. Together ALL things beyond reckoning isolated, the End.
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