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What would François Hollande would have made of an Economist cover that called him the best thing for France? To be associated with an economically liberal newspaper is not an obvious vote-winner for a candidate in a market-hostile country like France
ON FRENCH radio this morning, Michel Sapin, François Hollande's head of policy (pictured below), accused The Economist of being “anti-French and anti-Socialist”, after this week’s ...
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The Economist is anti-everything it is possible to be. I remember when issued with the title "the man who screwed ...." referring to Berlusconi... I just want to remember what your prince Charles and princess Diana did each other |..|
before talking about other countries, please, shut up and think about yourselves!
Is the economist american not British?
It would be something to be proud of! Socialism kills economies and drags everyone down. It hasn't worked out so well for France. They badly need a sixth republic based on low taxation and free market. Nobody has the right to work, you have to earn that right. This is why France fails and why they have traditionally had high unemployment plus frequent riots and civil unrest. Capitalism works and helps people prosper, give it a try France!
Free capitalism is what has caused the US to have banana republic levels of income inequality. The record of democratic socialism in Scandinavia speaks for itself.
Like in Sweden with high unemployment, race troubles and social unrest that is probably going to turn into a sharia kaliphate in the next 20 years?
Dear John (Knox)
Have you ever been/lived in France? I mean long support your arguments? What do you mean by "nobody has the right to work, you have to earn that right"? And where did you hear about those frequent riots and civil unrest? (have you witness any in person?) You say socialism hasn't worked so well in France, well the current system either! Besides do you know when France had a socialist govenment for the last time? When you say "give it a try (to capitalism)" what do you mean? How would you name the current system?
Then I don't know of which Sweden you're talking about (the one with race troubles, social unrest, high unemployement rate & soon sharia kaliphate). But the one I know has no such problems. Sweden has only 7.3% unemployement rate whereas it's about 10% in France, 8.3% in the UK (Eurostat data for March) & 8.1% in the US (April Bureau of labor statistics). So when you say "high unemployement" I'm wondering with which country you're comparing!
From what I read from you, it seems to me that you're "highly misinformed". And that's why I invite to take some time, go to France, go to Sweden...stay there for a while, see how things go by yourself (I mean with your own eyes) because your state of things is...nowhere close to reality!
Socialism is enshrined in the French constitution as is the right to work. Read it for yourself! It's why French companies think twice about hiring people because once they do they're stuck with them and it costs them big if they make the wrong choice. As for social unrest and race riots I do not need to prove that as it has been flashed around the world enough on television news frequently in the last decade the troubles in France. Do you not have a TV or watch the news? read any newspapers and see the photos? Besides it being a failed political experiment by the elites, and disastrous failed currency (the euro) that has put millions into poverty and cost people their livelihoods, the reason a lot of the EU is in such a mess, not just France and Sweden is because of the high number of public sector workers all employed by the state including Greece, Portugal and Spain too. If the Sweden you know has no such problems then I don't know what cloud, bubble or crystal tower you have been living in for the last ten years. Again, U.S. unemployment high yes, due to the economic troubles and poor domestic policy the last four years. Out of control spending and massive deficit thanks to a socialist president. The good thing for Americans is their system isn't socialist, they have a free market capitalist system to fall back on and a magnificent constitution, whereas in France even if they have a centre right president and government the system is still socialist and they are stuck unable to change or move forward. Do you know where the French presidential hopefuls were aiming a lot of their campaigning at for votes? At the UK! Because many French have left and moved to Britain to live and work and I don't blame them. 400,000 French living and working in the UK. What does that tell you?
Here's the cloud/bubble/crystal tower I've been living in for the last years: France, Belgium, USA (only to mention those) and...oh I've been in Sweden too! Well never lived there long enough to talk about race troubles, social unrest or sharia kaliphate but have friends who have lived there all their lives, they never mentioned those either (I don't say problems don't exist though!). So how about you? In which cloud/bubble/crystal tower you've been in? Have you noted that I suggested you go see by yourself rather than watch on TV? I don't only watch, read or listen to news I also make news and also go to places. That is why I'm taking some time here to discuss with you because you seem somehow misinformed to me!
Why would unemployment in the US be due to "economic troubles and poor domestic policy" and not in other countries? Havent' they all faced the financial/economic crisis?
I've studied French Constitutional Law (amongst other), I read most of the Constitution (though I don't remember everything)! You're right when you say "Socialism is enshrined in the French constitution as is the right to work" but whatever other interpretation you have of this, is wrong. The problem lies in the job market rigidity and that has nothing to to with the Constitution but with the French labor code.
The British economy is falling back into recession and that's not because of the 400,000 French who work and live there but all the austerity measures/government policies etc etc I think nowadays you're free to move, go live, study & work wherever you think's best for your interest. There are few Brits who live and work in France as there are in Australia, USA, Canada etc etc
I must admit that "part" of your reasons for the European situation is right! But saying it's all due to socialism will be wrong! Well UK (not socialist that I know) is facing recession, France not but Spain yes! So bottom line is there is no perfect system (otherwise everyone would have adopted it long ago). Socialism has its defects just like capitalism. Similarly it's not because it works for the neighbors that it will necessarily work for you!
As for the presidential in France I'm well and fully aware of the situation but I'm not sure to have understood the reasoning behind your question! What did you mean?
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