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This week's cover preview:
Comeback kid
Rebuilding America's economy 
July 14th - 20th 2012
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Rebuilding America's economy through patriotic burlesque?
The US needs to tap back into its Git 'er done mojo
An avant garde comeback with innovations and brands that dominate...and that's the spirit. Bravo!
Routine jobs will always dissipate to cost-sensitive areas...realize that US brands based on innovations are the sine qua non around the globe.-and growing ..and I have travelled. That's the reason why the auto companies are doing so well on their cash flows even though they are not hiring...
Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.
+Tyler Tringas  That guy looks like you, or maybe he gets hairs cut by the same lower east side hipster...
О времена о нравы как же низко пала Американская нравственность
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