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"I lie down on the pavement and listen to God," a middle-aged road-sweeper reported when asked what he did when the sirens start wailing. They wailed with grating frequency on November 20th, close to the Gaza Strip. Most people, though, seemed to take the road-sweeper's philosophical approach on this day of aerial combat between Israel and Gaza
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While the subject is serious, this photo is really making me chuckle.  Not sure if it's the "I'm an airplane" pose by the guy, or the "My crazy husband is an airplane, and I just want to shop" face by the lady.
Funny how they can hold of till after the USA elections. 
Mr Elias, I'm not surprised by your comment; after seeing what people wrote about the article on Syria. All people wrote about was the beards sported by the fighters. I don't think war is a joke. Pray for peace on earth. 
We should not only pray for global peace we should also work for it in our various cercumstances.
We should look for peace and try to find solutions. But often wars starts when people try to "do" for peace. Just accepting the equality of all people on earth is a good start. Lets look for peace and learn to recognize it. 
If Iran did to Israel what Israel is doing to Palestine, the West would bomb them to hell.
@Hamstra Israel is not part of NATO. Besides what is your point, are you advocating more violence? They west would like peace; it is our goal. 
No : the addiction to property has to stop: love of territory is the cause of violence just as it is in the animal kingdom and there is no right in the addiction to love of property only wrong
I'm not condoning anything about what hamas is doing. It's awful. and unacceptable. However, Israel is constantly increasing their leverage as time passes through settlements and military advances eg iron dome. They have a boot on the neck of the palestinians with no incentive to negotiate other than to end this violence. So of course this is what hamas is going to engage in. Reacting with disproportional violence is only going to engender more hatred and further extremism further cementing Hamas' position with their own people. Whether you want to try to justify Israel's reaction, is irrelevant when we're talking about trying to find a solution. Pulling out of Gaza while essentially caging them in and continuing to build settlements in other areas that they shouldn't be (and that even the UN has deemed illegal) is not a solution. Nobody holds Israel accountable. They have too much influence in the US political system and media. It's ridiculous that a candidate for president of the US is vetted based upon how pro-Israel they are. They get foreign aid unconditionally.... well in exchange for being used as a military proxy.
+Eli Regwan Israel is one of America's two major allies in the middle east, and hence a major asset to NATO.  And no, I'm not at all advocating more violence, actually I think the quickest way to take away power from Hamas would be to negotiate an effective peace agreement.

+Knaddel Daddel I don't disagree with your point, and it appears you haven't disagreed with mine.
That's how a struggle between democratic nation and Islamic terrorists looks like nowadays. Hamas have no respect for lives - nor of Israeli's whom they attack with rockets, neither for their own people whom they use as human shields

You can sympathize Palestinians all you want, but supporting Hamas is supporting innocent suffering on both sides
+Alik Obershtein - I think you are confusing two things:
1. support of hamas
2. realizing Israel's responsibility in the violence and being critical of them.

Not enough Jews are critical of Israel's role. It is neither anti-semitic nor is it supporting hamas, to do so.
A friend of mine, who is a jew and lives in israel near where today's bus bombing occurred, just compared Hamas' rockets to 9/11 in the US... Now the US isn't completely innocent in everything it does around the world, but if you even begin to compare Israel with the US in 9/11, then you're just not dealing with the reality of the situation.
+joe conery Israel is a democracy, and enough people here are critical on anything you can imagine. Still, self defence aganst terrorism is in conceמsus
+Alik Obershtein it doesn't seem that way with respect to things that are aligned with patriotism and allegance to Israel. It's not like Israel was just sitting around all innocent in this. Yet even you view this as strictly defense against terrorism. It is much more than that. Israel shares a lot of blame in the overall conflict.
Anyways, great news about a cease fire being announced. We'll see how it goes.
We should always pray to god 
+Knaddel Daddel I don't dispute that Israel exists, and I am familiar with its origins and the political landscape for how and why it was created.  I am also aware that the US uses Israel as a tool for involvement in the Middle East.  There is a Machiavellian side of me that understands that both Hamas and the Israeli government need each other because having an enemy is a good political tool for gaining support for a political organization.  In addition to the fact of Israel, there is also the fact that for the past several decades peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine always breakdown before they can be completed; it is more profitable for those in power to continue the fighting and allow people to suffer rather than to make peace and lose their political power.

There is also a human side of me that wishes this were not the case and hopes that things will change.
Ada Lim
+Tahsanul Hoque The Gaza rockets have an 80% civilian death rate (4 civilians, one soldier killed).  Palestinian deaths run at about 50% civilian or less.  In World War 2, civilian deaths were typically about 40-60%.  During the invasion of Iraq, civilian deaths ran about 60-70%.  I don't think you can accuse Israel of ignoring civilian deaths when Hamas completely ignores civilian deaths.
Ada Lim
What I am saying is that one innocent Palestinian dies for each militant, whereas four innocent Israelis died for each militant (soldier).  So obviously Israel is being much more careful and respectful of civilian life than Hamas is.  I don't see how they can do much better while still achieving the military goals.  Whether those military goals are valid and justified is another argument, but I think that Israel has fulfilled its jus in bello requirements much more than Hamas, and (parenthetically) has a more valid jus ad bellum argument.
+Tahsanul Hoque Hamas have turned Gaza into world's largest military base. They aim Israeli civilians (protected by Iron Dome anti missile defense) while firing from within their own civilian population.

Israel aims ultraprecise weapons at the launchpad sites and missile caches, to stop shelling while minimizing civilian casualties

Would Israel behave as blood thirsty as Hamas does, bombing indiscriminately all over Gaza, civilian casualties would now count in the tens of thousands 
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