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The #Internet is a must-have resource of information particularly for school going kids and college students who learn and research about the world through the Internet.

Finland has made 1 mbps broadband access a legal right and France plans to make broadband access a fundamental right.

But in India, #broadband is still expensive. Your thoughts?
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While most of the countries are in mbps, we are still is in kbps. Much work to be done !
We have so many other issues in our country, like food, shelter, education etc. thinking about this as a legal right at present is just like a day dream.
Totally agree with Kamran. To make broadband less expensive is only possible through increasing subsidies or decreasing taxes. Both can prove fatal for more important issues like poverty, education, inflation,etc.
Thanks everyone for joining in and sharing your observations on this issue. Like most of you have mentioned here,  there is much work to be done before access to broadband can be made a legal right in India . 
In India broadband is not only expensive, but also inaccessible in rural areas. Today we, specially the young generation, is nothing without internet service. Internet has huge contribution in education and employment. So, Indian govt. should take steps like Finland and France.
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