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Vader's lightsaber has gone all wibbly!
"Yeah, mate? Well mine's bigger... on the inside!"
ok Melody Pond who are you really? And don't say river song... or song river in that matter
melody pond:
Amy and Rory's daughter, Super weapon, Published author, Child of the TARDIS, Time lord, Unknown age, And a lady ;) happy?
who knew that a sonic wud work on a lightsaber.... but overall thats a fail on vaders part for not coming well enough prepared
The sonic isn't sonicing the light part, it's sonicing the circuitry inside the handle...
Shes also A MYYYSSSTTTEERRRYYYYY (say that in a cheesey spooky voince :D)
because your not my sister and melodie is
this is kinda random but if you like pi and/ or pie +1 this comment
I like both, but in general I refuse to "like" or "+1" any post or comment that says "like if" or "+1 if"...
Sesha B
is that Van Gogh style?? hahaha
thats a coincidence, thats melodies moms name also
Dunno,love the Doctor,but Vader doesn't need a weapon to kill you!
Sesha B
hush patricia hush child. the Doctor is still wibbly wobbly timey wimey-ly epic-er.
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