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Ahh what happened?!

Anyone know how to splice dinosaur DNA from a timelord?



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We're going to need a mallet, a red toothbrush, sixteen copies of tomorrow's Times, a couple of lemons, the radio volume knob from a Spitfire,, four stout horses and a saucer of milk for the cat.  And a cat.
now we know why the T-rex has short arms, to get the sonic screwdriver out of its pocket!
That must have been one tough pregnancy.
At least he can snap to open the tardis door. Will not be able to turn the key. 
Well, at least now I know what's cooler than a Dinosaur on a Spaceship...
Eugh, anyone on poop duty? make sure he doesn't "go" on the console!
Tyranasaurus Fez? New species of time lords appears from the dawn of creation, probably the meddling of the Daleks. ;)
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