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I don't know about you, but if the ball I'm playing with goes over that fence...they can keep it!

>I<  #twt
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I totally agree. I wouldn't go over that fence for a million dollars.
Now here is the answer to all my questions... hmmmmm good idea
If the ball makes it over the fence without being exterminated, then it's a safe bet to go in after it. But you go first.
Hmmm this should keep the neighbors away for good 😁😃😁 
I need this. I just want to put it on the outside of my bedroom door.
That's sound weird for parking your said balls lol,so it,s sound the rabbit run very fast,lol
Looks like a challenge. You guys go first. I'll bring up the rear to keep the stranglers moving.
Mahn would love to throw a couple of enemies on the other nd watch them get "exterminated" lol
Just asking about the sign, really... <.<
Its cross. Its like the opening invitation to cross the fence at a twist of fate and choice of will.
don't dis doctor who! I may hate him , but he's cool lol
Siri says that the grocery store is through that fence tho 
were to now
I've never heard of you, but about how popular you are, I see that you're AWESOME! (Tardis Time Machine is my favorite.)
But the scientist in me immediately wants to know what's in there...
The ball will be exterminated.  There will be no survivors.
What if Void Ships are made out of footballs...?
lol well I was not born in British but i am a doctor who fan lol
me to i am not british but i am a doctor who fan. i also want that sign in my bedroom
If I could find every single episode online, starting from the first Doctor, I would watch all of them. All of them. Regardless of how much of an otaku I claim to be, being a Whovian would definitely win out, I'd put anime aside to watch every single episode of Doctor Who~
What if you cant read English? Do you get a pass? Possibly from Obama?
I would load up my Remington 870 super mag and go get my ball back. 
ya i would post that on the front of my room
Then when I got back. I would let my German Shepard piss on their sign. 
Vel Ma
Uhh ... what's behind the fence? 
Oh No. A Dalek warning !. I knew it would come to this !.
Just go back in time, have the contractor move the fenceline, pop back and collect your ball.
Nay Kum
I love this show.  Hard to watch the old one though after new one watch. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)  More episode.  Dalek bad.
Except possibly for the Doctor! He trespasses all the time.. It's what he does.. And he doesn't get Exterminated.. Oh! And did you guys read the sign in a dalek's voice? Haha.. I did. 
Id go over and bring a death ray with me (if they existed)
XD XD XD lmao man lmao
Trespassers  go in .. but they don't come out... RAID new and improved!
I would definitely think twice throwing balls near that place.
thats soooo true and kindof funny
Very sorry, but I can't help thinking of Dredd Pirate Roberts with that last line.
looks like a salt shaker with a bad attitude
They can have the ball and the bat to lol SMH 
Better give that shaker an extra shake...
That's what my girlfriend keeps telling me.
Where do I get 1 of these amazing
Where can I get that sign
It kind of looks like a cheese grater...
but you know some fool will take a chance and go chasing that ball or frisbee.  There's always one who pushes the limits, especially when all his friends are egging him on to go get it. I can see it now.  lol
Did you ever see them now they are childish to me?
I want this at my house
you can use the Tardis to retrieve the ball a few moments before
Moustafa is classic, i would do what he / she said :-).
That's what I should have on my fence.  Damn kids keep kicking their soccer ball over the fence and my dogs eat it, I throw what's left back over the fence and they come running to my front door telling me that "their ball isn't broken".
HAH! (turret shoots ball out of the sky then targets the child)
We need Dr. Who to infiltrate the compound.
that would be the most epic black ops survival feild. hmm... maybe minecraft too.
The Daleks are an extraterrestrial race of mutants that resemble human-sized salt and pepper shakers NOT cheese graters!!
No problem - enter TARDIS, travel to place where ball is, time before sign posted. Retrieve ball. Return to now and outside fence. Problem solved.
Ha!  Is that an actual sign?
I am not afraid of a giant salt shaker.....Doctor's orders...
Realistic po from kung fu panda epic 
way to go WOW
I would hop the fence just because the sign says not to.
Jay A
hahaha... be careful to not even touch the fence.
now thats funny! haha
(except the survivors) 
Our countrymen requires it against our political parties....
terminators on earth? if  that was real, i'd be on mars already!
Nah,  terminators are just some things that that PRETEND to amazingly scary  , but really are pathetic , all you need is some very advanced military training , a long range rocket launcher , an EXTREMELY LARGE tank , and you could take a small weak one down, not too hard eh?
nicee also t(-.-t) the world lololol
delighted  today  have a good  meet  here
I want one of these signs, even though it may encourage Trespassing.
Are you my mummy... do you have my ball mummy...
Call the police for threatening behaviour. Not amusing
I've met the Supreme Dalek who was made of red plastic and lived at bbc Cardiff!
Love it!  Wonder if they sell that sign at Wal Mart!
true true.experience is the best teacher
I got to get one of these signs for my place lol
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH violators!!!!! jajajajajaajajajaj
Is that some kind of gun turret in the pic? Lol
google images, and apparently google +!
Whoever or whatever is on the other side of that fence means business. Only a fool would disobey that sign.
I would not ever go in there at all, I am too young to die.
I know right. I just got home and this is what I see.
The Hunger Games
24 enter 1 leaves.
Lol, yup, I would leave the ball too
Am I the only one who thought about that scene from The Princess Bride?
New season; "Survivor--- Dalek Fenced In Zone"
Okay contestants I'm going to toss this Frisbee into the zone. First one back with it wins $100M.  Ready set GO!  Only a one episode season but no prize money was awarded.
Survivors, didn't............. Fail
Network, saved $100M... Pass
Daleks, want more........ PASS 
Yeah they probably ,and obviously, have a lot of balls
seriously terminate ! wow is that a joke or that is for real?
Perhaps they should buld a close fence then that and hang the sign on it .
oooooooohhhh man watch out for the daleks, people...also make sure to check your shadow and make sure you dont have two....
Guys know what else is cool join my google group its called The gamers world. Join it!
Apples map says, grandmas is two hundered yards after fence line. Gun totoing granny stands for no tresspassers, beware all who enter. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Where can you get one of these signs? Too cool!
Run fast and furious for the ball. Granny might be up. Ha! Ha! Ha!
So funny, the darleks are awesome!
Lolololol! Hahahahahahagahahaha!

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I would jump that fence just to see if the Doctor was there somewhere!
What do they store behind that fence? Mitt Romney's tax returns?
Awesome, that will teach them a lesson :-) .
HAHAHAH that is so funny !!!
Ahha,thinkers quote lol,i need this line too,ya ,ya,thanks anyways i like this line,lol.
Haha i hate daleks they always return when he"kills of the race".
YAY! I've finally found other whovians!!!
Maybe just cuz' they said that ill trespass. No wait im not ready to die XD lol 
Let me just slowly back away...
They won't keep the ball. It won't survive as one.
Hahahaha funny but so true I don't know how many times that has happened to me but the fence is this old hag across the street
I put that sign up on the door when I go to the bathroom. I mean, I could just lock the door but you wanna see who's gutsy.
Sorry but that's just pure temptation. I'm going over!
hello human rights ..hello...are you seeing this ...
I once saw a similar warning sign..

"No Trespassing
Intruders will be shot
Survivors will be shot again".

Terrifying, isn't it?
Sentinels must be guarding this place... and mutants are held captive. Where are the X-men?
Signs signs everywhere there's signs blocking out the scenery changing my mind Do this don't do that can't you read the signs
How can a badminton birdie exterminate anything?
Doctor Who? Daleks! The most feared civilization in the universe! BAH!
haha funny colideing into a tiger or a lion...i deathed a lion b4 lol......btw ik ur saying this makes no sence at all lol
If that ever happens I will feel sorry for the ball
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 I see “Keep Out” signs more as suggestions than actual orders. Like “Dry Clean Only."
Awesome sign, imagine if you saw that for real.
i would jump the fence then climb back to the other side to see what happens
A Ball is like a sun. With it can show all the faithfull terget.
im happy for you because this shows you stil have brain!
I would think.if some one would go over fence and gotten hurt or bodily injury.. the owner would be hold liable and be sued for that person stupidity mistake
ha,ha.ha,ha,ha that's very,very, funny:)
Should be posted at the white house property especially when some one want to trespasses and kill
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