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Don't cry. Cry and you're dead. Tears are fast, faster than you can believe. Don't watch The Angels Take Manhattan, don't watch Doomsday, and don't cry. Good luck.

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Sorry David, Moffat won the moment he was hired.
I'd personally change this to "Point out the plotholes and you're dead", but whatever floats your boat.
I may be a DALEK for saying this but the only episode I choked up in was "The angels take manhattan" and even then it was just a lump in my throat.
Of course I may be emotionally unsound. 
Anna F
BUT THE ONES THAT MAKE YOU CRY ARE THE MOST AMAZING, brilliant and MAGICAL! angels take Manhattan is one but the sadest and scariest but its one of my favorites and the perfect way to say "goodbye" but also saying "i love you"
HA! Forget that! I'll bawl my eyes out, thank you very much. 
+Bryce Brown I was complete opposite. I did not feel anything at all on angels take manhattan. I mean I felt bad for the ponds but not like the end of time 1 and 2
Oh, and on a related note: I didn't cry at this episode simply because they literally died by plothole. It took 1 second to realize a solution to the situation presented at the end of the episode. 1 second.
River could still travel back in time with her timehopper thing. It was just the TARDIS that can't go back.
+Amanda Simmons He can't go back to that year in that place or risk nuking everything. But, he could easily go back to a year later than that date, or a time far enough ahead that would be safe to go to (because lets face it, New York isn't off limits forever, Moffat wouldn't create a location limitation like that when the show is increasingly popular over there).

Also, Amy and Rory could have gotten on a train to New Jersey or something and he could have picked them up there, or he could travel there a year before the incident, wait it out, then pick them up.

Too many solutions for me to care about their demise. Actually, I lie, the cut scene with the letter to Rory's Dad made me tear up, but since that wasn't actually in the episode...
Nah. It's not a plot hole. It's too timey wimey for us stupid apes to grok (as she mixes her science fiction metaphors).

It would not surprise me - Moffat being what he is - if said plot hole was filled in nicely for the fiftieth anniversary or something.
+Jenn Kirkland Moffats writing is FULL of plotholes in Doctor Who, because there are so many elements in the show. He does a much better job of writing Sherlock where he knows all of the elements on the playing field.
+Sam Morris - I know it is. I prefer to stay in the story and just use timey-wimey as an excuse :)

Like holodeck malfunctions in Star Trek.
Taking them from New York itself isn't the paradox, it's taking them and not returning them there. Because of the grave stone, they need to die there at a specific time. River went and talked to them, but she wasn't taking them with her. It'd just be too tempting for the Doctor to scoop them up and drag them off, never know what can happen when they do that.
I think doctor who is brilliant
my fave doctor is the 11 and 10 ones
Thank you! I try not to! Such a passionate advise! Good luck to you too whenever you need it!!!
He will always win. As long as I have feelings he will always win. 
We must then become cybermen.
i love doctor who and this post ♥
i dont understand this post but i love this show too
hell hath no fury like a man with a sonic screwdriver..
What's really, really funny is that it's completely and utterly true.
Of course, Moffat has already won one thousand times over.
+Sam Morris the thing is, he can't change it now that he's read it in a book. And he read Amy's editors note.
better start running when matt smith starts making house calls in a fez
it is biased 
I like you guys I finally fround people that understand and enjoy Dr. Who.
My favorite doctor
Sorry! I've already seen the Angels Take Manhattan and parts of Doomsday, and I've cried! I'M A FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!
So that's his goal huh.  We're onto you Moffat! :)
Don't cry always look forward with a smile on your pretty lil face and you will soon see that you shouldn't have cried to start with, and that the smile was always there for you to show to the world. 
Moffat, you don't get to have buildings over a single story tall anymore.
I know that feel bro. I know that feel. 
Just watched Doomsday with my fianceé... She has just gotten into Doctor Who (I started her with the last episode of the Eccleston era) and she kept asking if Rose was ever gonna declare her love for the Doctor and I told her yes, but she wouldn't like it.

I was right, she was crying her eyes out. and now she thinks Donna is annoying lol

I'm interested to see how she takes The Angels Take Manhattan when we finally get there...

#lovemyfianceé   #DoctorWho  
The Vincent van Gogh episode really got me the most sort of choked up tears of joy and sadness at the same time very powerful moving story, haven't felt anything like it. 
too late i am a lost cause when it comes to depressing story lines!
i once had a dream where the 10th doctor saved me from a dalek... then he left me behind. :(
Anna D
Curse you, Moffat!!!!!!!!
ignor u moffat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The ending of Angels in Manhattan was too nonsensical to be sad. You've got a TIME MACHINE Doctor. Just remember to put them back in the right place before they die
O, the Michael Caine school of acting...
I may have lost lots and lots and lots of times. 
Moffat won in Angels In Manhatten....
i never got to see Angels in Manhattan. :(
well, if you don't like crying your heart out, avoid it like the plague...or better yet, Moffat :)
do you know if they have it on netflix yet?
I think it's almost impossible to watch the episodes and not cry ... We can try, but it will be difficult ... *

Acho que é quase impossível assistir os episódios e não chorar... Podemos tentar, mas será difícil... *
The first time I cried was when I watched "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood".
+Anna Greer I know right!!!!!!!! and when the Doctor and Rose said goodbye during sad :'(
instead just do this:
shakes fist MOFFAT!
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