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"What if, instead of going home and waiting for her prince to find her, Cinderella went off on an adventure with a strange man in a blue box?" #twt  

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LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! DOCTOR YOU SLY DOG! HEHEHEHEHE :3
Greg S
She would never be the same again :)  (Unlikely to sit around waiting for princes, at least!)
Oh there you are fairy godmother!
Y'know, I never saw Cindy as the sit-around-and-wait kind in the first place. She was pro-active in getting her step-mom's chore list done, found a way to be dressed appropriately for a royal ball-- she did her part. It's not her fault that her step-mom reneged on her.

I suspect that if a Mad Man with a Box came along, she'd go!
Cinderelly Cinderelly night and day it's Cinderelly. Grab the time vortex manipulator dodge the Sontarans do the running from the silence. Make sure to wash K9 and watch the time! She'll be spun around in circles when the tardis is in motion and still he'll holler Cinderelly! giggles funnier when you imagine the adipose singing it
No Antony, she would have her pick from his wardrobe!
Seriously, now I wanna try my hand at fanfic.. Suggestions?
With or without music? One of the classical music composers of the 20C wrote an excellent, and sadly rarely performed Ballet for the story.
What do you mean "what if"? I assumed that's exactly what happened.
What if The Doctor was the prince.

(He might even be the fairy godmother).
That's why the Doctor has a big ol' wardrobe full of clothing for- all sizes, all styles, both genders.. one would assume it includes shoes! There's gotta be a pair in there to Cindy's liking ;)
I imagine you folks are not aware that the story is enjoyed in translation? The original author wanted her to wear fur slippers. And for some as yet unexplained reason the translators did not properly translate it.
Whew.. fur would be a whole lot more comfortable than glass!!!
Let's just say that the whole story was really a vehicle for composers of classical music.
As long as she wasn't going to fall in love with The Face of Bo then I'm all good with her taking the pro-active approach
Which is why my usual response to seeing a beautiful woman in high-heels is one of "Why"?. I shall leave the rest of it to all of you, and we shall not render the responses here.
Cinderella was never really locked away after she left the ball... She was with the Doctor the whole time. He just conveniently brought her back in time to marry her prince {because that's what the Doctor does ;-)}.
Doctor! Why not pick up a cooler story book character?! 
+Antony Harvell I was calling Cinderella the un-cool one. We all know The Doctor is the coolest being in the whole of space and time.
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