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Hey all!

So I signed up for a `Secret Santa` greeting card exchange and I did some snooping and found out that my match was a Doctor Who fan!

Soooo I did what anyone would do. I searched online for a Doctor and I found +Amy Crook's amazing card here:, so I thought: self, this would be an awesome secret santa gift.

Amy was awesome she helped me out and wrote out what I wanted to say (and sent me the photos of it!) and is sending it off to Molly (whoever you are) today, just in wibbley wobbley time! 

I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

19 more days!


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Terrific! Esp the "not that Amy" parts. Very Doctor-esque. 
Awesome! My matches name is Tobias and he lives in Germany (where I'm originally from).. he also likes photography specifically of abandoned building, which I like too! 
i have a ten ssonic screwdriver too! its my most prized posssesion
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