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Everything she serves is so awful you have to spit it out. You end up making your own dinner. And you don't dare criticise her for sitting there eating ice cream with a scoop straight from the container.  ;D

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Ben Barry
lol. Like literally i laughed out loud.
Gotta love custard and fish fingers! 
Ohhhh now that just brings back old memories :(
This is too good not to share.
i want to share but none of my friends will understand... 
:-) i actually tried fishycustard as a dare and it taste amzing!
Oh guys you make a good personality together

+Nate Jorgens saaame :'( I have one friend on G+ that watches Who, but besides him I have no one D; i hate that
I love this episode. That looks yummy=)
Another one of those moments when, the coworkers look awkwardly because they just don't get it.
That girl looks like she is 12.....
He hated my BEANS!!!! My beans!
My bread and butter was evil, my beans sucked, WHAT COULD HE WANT?! Oh, right, fish fingers and custard.
Geez, I always admire the writers and story-developers of shows with time-travel - they are on the line to keep things straight and often as explainable as possible.
Then DoctorWho throws in space travel as a kicker - genius!
"this man isn't good enough for you River! You're still a child!!!!"
^fish fingers and custard
technically yes she was but her child wasn't born yet but was still alive
"You're worse than my aunt!"
"I'm the Doctor, I'm worse than everyone's aunt."
If she wasn't old enough to marry to have a child then she wasn't yet his mother-in-law. And River Song was only around because the Doctor kept entering into her time stream. 
+Peter Van Werkhoven I definitely read that 1st comment too quickly and saw "entering her" instead of "into"... My 1st thought... Hello sweetie!
So true and he never knew it. Ok well neither of them knew it yet.
Jean Fu
Got a question about this meal though. I remember when River tried to kill the Doctor, she kissed him with her poisonous lips. Then when The Doctor strived to find the medication he thought of "fish finger and mustard". Is that the case, that after he thought of it, he traveled back in the time and met the child Amy and try to look for the antidote at her home? (he does look pretty horrible when he just walked out of the Tardis in Amy's yard) 

If it's that case, then at that moment the Doctor must already know that Amy will be his mother in law(?)

( such a paradox.... my brain space isn't enough.......)
+Jean Fu When he climbs out of the Tardis in Amy's backyard, he had just regenerated. He'd regenerated inside the Tardis and blew something up which was the reason for him crashing. 

+Eme Walker Haha, you definitely did read it too quickly! :P 
I loved that episode.
+Kristina Lockyer
I know I feel like that my dad said go for it and then my Mom  got supper angry saying she was ok with us liking Doctor Who but we were not going to take it that far she crushed my hear ) ' :
Ha ha i should one day be so blessed to be in her company!
I never really thought about it that way... Weird...
Well when you think of it that way its weird!
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