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everyone should have the right
Barack is dodging this culture war issue, fearing it would cost him millions of black, Hispanic, working class white voters.
Or not. Guess President Obama is more concerned about equality than he is about those votes.
Thank you so much +Barack Obama it means the world to us to have you come out for us like that...but...why right now? I hate to even ask for the sake of sounding ungrateful but what in the world was he thinking?! Why would he do something like this at this time in the race? Did the gay population boom or something? I think this was a risky move and I'm gay, so that's really saying something. I just really hope this doesn't hurt him. You know when you say the gay word, the tea party starts having seizures. Like kicking a hornets nest with those lunatics. This really shows a great difference though between him and his robotic Republican opponite. He would never come out with something that he didn't hear on T.V. I guess doing the 'right' thing and losing is better than doing business as usual. I just think he could have waited until the day after the election. I'd just really hate for Romney to be our president. Ugh, Comedy Central would have to close down he's so boring and if you thought Bush was a puppet, wait until you see how Romney's strings are pulled.
+Kenneth Argabright Don't think it has anything to do with the size of the gay population, but more that for the past several months at least 50% of the populace has shown support for gay marriage rights.

Personally, because individual State's are attempting to force the definition of marriage into biblical standards, marriage no longer has a place in State/Federal Governments. The US should stop recognizing it in the tax code and every other entitlement it receives, and only recognize Civil Union.

I wish the conservatives would get over this, but I really don't think they will. And unfortunately, that means it violates the Constitutional 'wall' between Religion and State, and therefore is illegal in the US.

I'm honestly shocked no one has sued the Government yet, because any lawyer worth a spit could win that one.
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