“The president strolled out into the Rose Garden one afternoon and made some remark about something … and a reporter from The Daily Caller by the name of Neil Munro asked a question. This was an impromptu moment. It was an impromptu question after a staged event, and what you guys do? You guys at Politico joined in attacking Neil Munro for having the audacity to ask Obama a question at a staged event — that that wasn’t the right time to ask that question, and you guys practically chased Neil Munro down to the Washington Monument and you gave him holy hell for what he had done. And some members of the White House press corps demanded that Munro lose his press credentials. All he was doing was attempting to ask a question in an impromptu moment after a staged event. Suddenly you say that you’re denied. Munro did it and when he did it, you jumped in his chili and chased him down to the Washington Monument.…And the reason why they called it heckling is because Munro is from a conservative media outlet, The Daily Caller."
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