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Well, what "statesmen" have become: game show hosts. Comedians.
Did I miss a Saturday Night Live skit because it was scheduled differently during the Christmas holiday?
What sort of kool-aid or other adult beverage are they passing around there at MSNBC?
That is the stupidest thing I'v heard all day
Honest to God, they are all out of their freakin' minds? A "statesman"? Like Churchill? Like Marshall? Like Reagan? Matthews is NO statesman. He's a freakin idiot with an unnatural love for Barracks Obonerhead and anything Kennedy. And he's loud. And an audience of tens. Maybe. 
'Statesman!' - I think not, Matthews has got to be one of the biggest jokes on national TV. He has guests on his show only to ridicule them and berate them. He plays to the democratic left and, as Francis Moran stated above, he is in love with Obama. Obama can do no wrong, even when Obama has failed - multiple times, Matthews makes him out to be a GOD!
Chris Matthews is a clown. Msnbc network is a bunch of liberals who only talk to other liberals. They have a fear of getting other view points. They tend to only talk about racism, how much they are not racist, and how everyone else is intolerant except for them . Oh I forgot if you disagree with them your racist
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