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What is the point of comparing storm size anyway?  Ohhh, MY storm was worse than YOUR storm, so THERE!  Playgroundish.
One more confirmation in a long line of confirmations that Reid is still working that downward spiral into oblivion! 
More proof that all that matters to the elites is the Northeast and LA.  The rest of us "slack jawed, knuckledragging, neanderthals" aren't worth the time of day.   I feel for the Sandy victims having been through a couple of hurricanes myself.  I have friends there and wish them the best.  It was a disaster.  But Sandy was a pipsqueak compared to Katrina, Ike, Alicia, Carla, Ivan, etc, etc.   Sandy was just rare and the folks there weren't as prepared as the Gulf Coast people.  But as storms go, it wasn't even close to the ones that have pummeled Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, etc.  Then only difference is southerners don't matter as much to the elites.  Reid is dumb;  but he wasn't being dumb in this instance he was being callous and elitist. 
+Brent Alexander Perhaps comparing storm size is playgroundish.  But the fact remains:   Sandy was a popcorn fart compared to what Florida, Texas and Louisiana have seen of late.  You didn't see Chucky Schumer and Harry "No Budget" Reid rushing to help out the Gulf Coast.   
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