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#OPINION : Why I'm against gun control 
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Well Written piece with many facts that support his beliefs. Read the piece and see for yourself. 
there should be no gun control or gun bans. except on certain felons.
+tareem heath you are right.  It doesn't.  So if I make it illegal for anybody to sell you booze I've not banned booze.  I've just made it illegal to sell it.  You can still own and drink as much as you can make (illegal), steal (illegal) or is given to you (until they run out too).

Gun control is about limiting access to guns.  Each and every time it comes up some idiot says "We are not banning guns" but then amazingly there is something I can't buy or get any more.

My H&K is a great firearm.  But it is expensive to get some magazines for it.  Not even sure I can because I'm only trusted to have 10 cartridges in a magazine.  Why 10?  No idea but I guess it sounded better than 9, 7 or 27.

Strawman is what you are putting up and it burns so easy
Complex subject, but I agree that bans generally have little impact. I am not a gun owner either, nor do I intend to purchase one.Yet, I don't think the availability of an assault weapon vs a conventional weapon would have altered the outcome in Sandy Hook, there were other larger issues.  At the other end of the spectrum, I don't want my neighbor to keep tank with live 50mm shells at his home, so the question is where do we draw the line.  
+tareem heath Yes.  I did vote.  Part of my responsibilities as a citizen.  Why do you ask?

+Greg Wilson Assault weapons' as described by the media  are all about image.  An AK47 with one stock is an assault weapon.  The same AK47 with a different stock is not.  An AR 15 with a lug near the end of the barrel is an assault weapon, remove the lug and it is no longer an assault weapon.

A few years ago Pontiac sold a car called the Fiero.  The ad campaign add a cop writing a speeding ticket for a red Fiero parked at the curb because "it looked fast".  An "Assault weapon" ban is writing a speeding ticket for a parked car.
+tareem heath Stupid comment that does little to help reach a logical conclusion.  The four states you mentioned are at or below the national average for per capita firearm deaths.  If you need proof of the ineffectiveness of gun bans, you need to look no further that your hometown of Washington D.C. which is three times the national average.  The irony is Connecticut is one of the lowest.  
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