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Do you think many affluent Americans are pondering the same thing?
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Well, if they're going to stay and evade taxes anyway, then I have no problem with them leaving.
+Paula Rich If he was going to evade taxes, why would he bother leaving?  When people like this start to bug out, it will make it that much harder if we ever plan to come close to balancing a budget.
+Paula Rich It's common sense, not some sort of malevolent intent.  Would you be willing to do your job for 32 cents on the dollar?   There are a lot of business folks out there that are wondering why they are risking their life savings only to have the government strip them of most of the profits to give to those who didn't risk a damn thing and/or are sitting on their backside waiting for their next welfare check.  And when they start fleeing and closing their doors, they'll be fewer people to employ workers and to fund the lazy people who vote for a living.   
+Francis Moran Kinda like Teddy Kennedy?   Guy never worked a day in his life but was stinking rich from his bootlegging Daddy's fortune.  Spent all of his years trying to extract money from our wallets to "for the poor" and vilified anyone who opposed higher taxes or took steps to avoid them.   Then it was discovered that a huge part of his wealth was stashed in offshore accounts.  There's a great video of someone confronting him about it.  He babbled and ran away.  
I am tired of the "welfare defense" and people lying around on their asses excuses. My mom was a single mother with two children working a full time job for minimum wage. She needed help and we received federal help and food stamps. My mother ONLY took what we needed and once she was on her feet (barely), she STOPPED receiving benefits. I don't know what would have became of our family had those benefits been unavailable. And I take major issue with people insinuating she is lazy or a loaf because she was a welfare recipient. My mother is anything but. She gave me a great life. No system is perfect and people certainly abuse it. How are welfare abusers any different from rich people evading taxes? Really?
+Paula Rich How are welfare abusers different than "tax evaders?"   Are you serious?   Phil Mickelson wants to lower his tax burden and he's an evader?   At least he PAYS TAXES--62% of his income, by the way.  How much more do you want him to pay?  75%?  100%  114%   And all the "rich" people you vilify and hate CREATE JOBS and PAY TAXES.  Welfare abusers sit on their asses and collect money and contribute NOTHING to society or our nation's bills.   I'm sorry your Mom found herself in a bad spot and pleased she got back on her feet as soon as she could.   But welfare recipients contribute nothing;  they take.   It's a hard fact when they are in your Mom's situation but it's still a fact:  if you are getting money, food, shelter, child care, medical care etc. that someone else has to work to pay for, you are taking, not contributing.  That's reality.  
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