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Well of course they don't. since his election he hasn't had the time to obey the U.S. Constitution either. Filthy pigs!!
Tjhis sums it up nicely from the NRA:

 “We think it is problematic when the administration takes lightly the prosecutions under existing gun laws and yet does not seem to have a problem promoting a whole host of other gun laws,” Baker told TheDC.
“If we are not going to enforce the laws that are on the books, it not only engenders disrespect for the law but it makes law-abiding gun owners wonder why we are going through this exercise we are going through now,” he added.

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He WILL go in the books as the WORST president of all time.
If they don't care, why do we have to answer all these stupid questions in the first place? Save a page and just put one box that says "check here if you can read."
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