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"You're out of the service, your [health care] coverage is over. Thanks for your sixteen years"
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I'm sure there's _a lot_ of back story here.  But it should come as no surprise to him that benefits stop when you leave the military without retiring.  That's no secret, and he certainly had dozens of friends go through this over the years.  I understand the emotional response of "BUT HE KILLED BIN LADEN", but that doesn't change the rules.  I think this article fails to recognize that this guy will have absolutely zero problem finding another job in the private sector.  Firearms training, working for a manufacturer, doing private security,etc.  He'll be just fine, and make 3x the money in no time.
Brian's right, you don't retire, you don't get healthcare, period.  To leave the service with only a little over three years till retirement makes me wonder...
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