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“We have a 200-year history and culture of gun ownership. We have a Second Amendment. … So unless you are willing to confiscate [guns] — which would be unconstitutional, and would cause insurrection in the country, [as] Australia did — these things will not have an effect, except at the margins. That is the tragedy here.”
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And please note that the link he acknowledged between gun ownership and gun violence is a negative correlation: "more guns less crime" 
I have been wondering, in the coming upheaval, will the takers be willing to stand up and defend their right to take? Who will man Obama's army against the freedom loving Americans?
+Jim Kinkade You raise a very interesting question.  I think that the takers are used to having others take care of everything on their behalf.  Most takers don't have the initiative to do much more than riot and trash their own neighborhoods.  It will be a very loud but disorganized tantrum.
The "Takers" already have an armed faction, the U.S. Government, as their surrogate. They are the Randian "Beaters." 
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