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“Leave it to Mr. Obama to level the charge that … in the very press conference in which he complains about ‘how much energy has been devoted in some of the media … to demonize me....This is a variation of what psychiatrists refer to as projection”
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+tareem heath  you are an intentionally uninformed synchophant and a sheep willing to follow this divisive, incompetent man to slaughter.
+tareem heath Obama accused 50% of Americans of wanting to starve children.  If you believe that, you have more hate in your heart than the good people Obama attacks.  Conservatives do more with their OWN MONEY than liberals--that is documented.  Liberals like you want to be "generous" with other people's money.  Biden gave like 2% of his income to charity compared to 20% to 30% that W gave.   I'm willing to be you've never dug deep to support impoverished children;  you go to the voting booth to "vote for charity."  
+tareem heath In 2006, Sen. Obama said that raising the debt limit by a smaller amount than suggested today represented "a failure in leadership."  Now, to not raise the debt limit by a much higher amount would be "absurd."  He can't be right on both.  Which is it, Mr. Heath?
+Brent Alexander Obama also called a much smaller deficit "unpatriotic."   He voted against raising the debt ceiling.  He campaigned in 2008 against deficits and raising the debt ceiling.  But don't tell +tareem heath that.   He'll call you a name.  Facts to liberals are like daylight to vampires.  And liberals are like vampires becasue they suck the lifeblood out of normal people. 
I wish I could have attended that news conference yesterday and asked BO, "Mr. President, do you realize how nauseous this massive hypocrisy is making America?"  Then, start projectile vomiting like Mr. Creosote in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.
+tareem heath  So all conservatives want to starve children?  Are you really just that brainwashed?  Tell me +tareem heath how much to you PERSONALLY donate to the poor?  
+Brent Alexander If I was there, I would have asked "Barry, you told Speaker Boehner that you were tired of hearing about our spending probleme because we don't have one;  Mr. President, what the hell are you smoking?"
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