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no worries, we'll just devalue the dollar to a point where 23 trillion isn't such a big deal... I have one of those sweet one hundred trillion dollar bills from zimbabwe pinned to my wall... 
This is the primary reason interest rates are so low, so they can borrow and repay back cheaply.  It's also to stop deflation from happening.  Yes, this means we are taking it in the shorts again in just a different way.
+Brian Tjeerdsma they can't manipulate those rates forever... not a good sign when the fed is the one buying a great deal of the T-Bills 
Exactly..  They are the ones propping up the housing market as well.  Total manipulation.  .
house of cards!   If this strategy was logically sensible and made any sense we could just do it forever and the deficits and debt really don't matter... bond bubble incoming... 
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