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"For the life of me I don't understand why we have stigmatized career education in this country"
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Vocational schools too along with National Certification opportunitees!
Vo-ed + job/apprenticeship = win.  
I only agree with Rubio to a certain extent.  Yes, education systems need to be reformed.  There certainly needs to be more options and choices.   But he wants to use federal money.  Read carefully people "He called for federal financial aid to be extended to non-traditional learning institutions, such as online courses or technical training"  Last time I checked the federal gov didn't know how to balance a check book.  You sure you want to put more on that plate?  Where is this money going to come from?  From us the tax payers in one way or another.  See this is the sign of a Rhino.  He still wants the federal gov to pick and choose your choices.  He masks his statism with an illusion of more choice.   He should push for tax cuts, and allow the people to choose.   Hell even socialist Denmark has more of a free market/choice driven education system then we do.  The gov there at least lets the family choose where to send their school tax money too.  Even if its a religious or private school.  The whole point of online schooling is to use LESS money and  become less dependent on the collective. Not bleed more money out.  There is already heavy developments in this area from the free market anyway.  The feds need to keep their greedy corruption out of it. 
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