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Gregory attacks the NRA for proposing armed guards in schools. Gregory conveniently forgot to mention his kids are in a guarded school. Or that Pres. Clinton requested millions to put cops in schools.
Automobiles kill thousands of people every year. If we created a law banning them it would saves an incredible number of people from death and injury. Let's ban them too if it's just about safety.
Let's enforce the laws we have instead of creating new ones. If Gregory broke law by having illegal magazine in DC, flaunted it on TV, then he must be prosecuted. 

If not him, then why anyone else?
The ignorance of the MSM and the northeastern elites regarding guns is amazing.   They don't know what they are talking about but continue to talk.  It's like listening to someone tell you how to rebuild an engine when they have never done it or even read about how it's done.  "First, you take the thinga majingy and put rub it with number 3 oil and sing a Bruce Springsteen song . . . "
Or the GUNfucks could just leave this country altogether
+tareem heath Another liberal moron who substitutes profanity for substance.  And odd how you want law abiding people to leave the country because they believe in the Constitution.   It is uninformed idiots like you that put an unqualified bag of wind in the White House.   Enjoy the economic crash your Dear Leader is about to deliver to your doorstep.  Even if you are on the government tit, it's about to dry up.  Enjoy!
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