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because if he did...we would find him disappearing.
obama was packing his suitcase for vegas. he didn't have time. i don't know what time the calls were. but remember hellery clinton said ( will a republican president hear the phone at 3am.) it seems like the democrats didn't hear the phone.
Obama was busy asking Jay-Z about his iPod playlist and talking to Moochelle about their next taxpayer funded boondoggle trip with all their "posse."   Americans suffering and dying but he can't be bothered.  Now, if it was a black friend of his who threw hands with local police near Harvard, well then, he'd be on it!
More to the point: why didn't any of the news networks or NPR show any interest in the story that Obama was AWOL while the embassy was being attacked and Americans killed. This is a huge story which should have been reported during the election.
+Bob Flanagan , this story was buried because no one wanted to think America could be attacked by terrorists. Well, not during an election year, anyway. That would have cost the second black president the election.
You should try reading the article before making those statements about people posting here, +Jeff Brown . It is obvious from this article that your link does not apply. 
+Francis Moran +William Zwick Both of you do not know what +Jeff Brown knows.   Jeffy knows that the ice cream shop skimps on the rainbow sprinkles on his double dip cup of Peace N' Luv flavor because people like you don't want anyone to be happy.  He also knows that if the damn conservatives would just get with the program, he could eat all the ice cream he wants and never get fat.   And there'd be double sprinkles on every cup.   This whole deal about everyone getting all "wee-wee'd" up about Obama being asleep at the switch don't matter.  Where's the damn ice cream!!
I wonder when Jeffy will talk about the 7 million people losing their health care due to ObamaCare or the expensive policies DaddyBarry will be offering to his "subjects."  Or the 8 million people who just dropped out of the work force.   We all need to get past the dead Americans in Libya;  Obama had important shit to do in Vegas and Hillary was indisposed fighting Moochelle over a platter of quesadillas. 
+jeff brown would rather the Prez's staff handle a crisis such as this. Look how they handled #fastandfurious.
Jeff Brown would crawl four miles down a dirt road covered in broken light bulbs and razor blades to eat the butt end out of a possum that once crawled across the roof of Obama's house in Indonesia.  
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