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Its irrelevant how much they cut prices if real unemployment is around 15%, we have rising deficits, the Dems and Repubs remains clueless about the national Debt...and we keep re-electing the same spineless morons.
Everybody knows: the elected-class is selling us out. If they're not CUTTING THE BUDGET IN HALF and GETTING RID OF OVER-REGULATION, then we're all gonna starve for the next decade while Democrats raise taxes and wonder why no work is getting done.

Remember Jimmy Carter? This is the Democrat Utopia. And now with budget cuts in the military, they're even happier.  

Have a nice Christmas, folks- it'll be one we recall as "The good old days".
+Tonni Lockett Atay and inflation was 13.5%!!! Carter was a feckless hour after Reagan was sworn in all of the Hostages in Iran were released...they knew the difference..
CNBC reported that the caution was due to many things: 1) Increase in corporate taxation under the Obama administation for 2013, 2) Increase in corporate healthcare costs that is scheduled to begin in 2013 under the Affordable Care Act (or AKA: ObamaCare), and 3) the possibility of additional state sales taxes that could hamper online sales in the coming year of 2013.
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