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No. The only way to fight this madness is to arm and train every law abiding citizen. Murder is against the law and it stops no one. Armed citizens do. 
30,000 to 40,000 people die every year from automobile accidents. That's about 80 to 100 people dead every day. Should we ban cars?
We've spent the past several decades tearing apart the country, the family, and the community.  We've taken God (however you want to define Him) out of the public life, we've embraced an "anything goes" culture that promotes actions without consequences, that mocks traditional and family values, that doesn't teach personal responsibility, and that says there's no place in a civil society for talk of absolute rights and wrongs - instead it's your wrong is my right, everything is relative, etc.....and we're then shocked when that society acts in ways that are pure evil.   

We've embraced everything in this country that cheapens and destroys life - abortion and infanticide of our children, euthanasia and assisted suicide of our handicap and elderly, the death penalty for our imprisoned. We have an entertainment industry that thinks its job is to "push the limits" of indecency that is broadcast to our children, and then we buy our children violent video games and music that celebrate and glamorize pornography, drugs, and murder.  

Guns are not the problem.  It is the culture that we have created which is the problem.  

There's also an excellent (short) read from the director of the Mental Illness Policy Org discussing steps to take to deal with and care for our mentally disabled.  Most importantly is refocusing our efforts and resources on the small number that are truly a danger to themselves and the community.   
Things aren't getting worse, things like this have happened through out all last century...there is no mandate to change anything. Emotions run high, but emotions don't change facts. That is why our founders chose a Republic over a Democracy, because the mob will knee jerk react.
It's changed my views of "news" outlets. With each and every opportunity they sound more like Pravda, and less like American News.

These propagandists work to help their puppet masters take guns...and while I have none, I realize from war history that taking guns from the populace is a GREAT WAY to slaughter millions.

Not opinion: historical FACT.
Joe is no longer relevant.
When you can stop the over 65,000 people killed in Mexico over last nine years.
When you can stop the wars in the Middle East.
Let me know you might be on the something, until then I'll keep my guns and ammo DRY
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