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#OPINION: The far-ranging implications of Friday's recess-appointments ruling
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Our juggernaughty Executive got slapped? Good thing a court did what a limp Congress can’t or won’t.
I read today that he has decided to ignore the ruling?

Why not, he ignored that the Senate was in session, he therefore ignored the reason to stop now. He is a very, very bad loser.
Strange that in an information overloaded world, more Americans are uninformed. Before the 24 hour news cycle began, Americans had to read newspapers or watch maybe an hour of television and come to their own conclusions. Now all they have to do is turn on Matthews or Maddow, get every bit of the news required (filtered and pitched with just the right spin) and even the final conclusion to draw. Cronkite and even Rather would have never dared to do that...and they only had 30 minutes to do the whole thing. 
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