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We already have been profiled.  We are the guys left over after affirmative action.  
How about profiling people who have homicidal tendencies?
democrat leaders should be profiled. and confirmed as morons and lunatic's.
Look, a whole lot of this is about where to draw the line -- in the government -- as to what constitutes racism.
Clearly, it should be any policy which does not equally protect our citizens.
Minorities in America will forever be held back as long as they are not permitted to produce their own achievements without the government taking credit.
I don't understand the profiling complaint. That's what they use on El-Al, the Israeli airline, the juiciest target for the Muslim Scourge. No scanners, gropy union members or high cost....just men in army gear, looking at people who might be bombers. It's extremely effective.

No little old ladies EVER blew up a plane, no old men, either. Always dark-skinned Muslim types. So why not LOOK into what they're doing?

It just seems like we're hurting a lot of people to remain politically correct.
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