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Allowing the The Bush Tax cuts to end are not a "tax hike".
Yes it is. These have been the rates for years now. If this current rate ends and goes up it is a tax hike. The second largest one in US History...after Obamacare. 
The only reason it may "technically" be called "The Bush Tax Cuts" is because Bush lacked the political capital (or perhaps will) to make them permanent himself.  Raising taxes at any time is a tax hike in principal however, no matter the reason and it is always bad for the economy.....always. 
they are bad dude.  trickle-down does not work.  if so, we wouldn't have so many billionaires and so many poor.
We have more millionaires in this country than ever in history. But they are leaving because Democrats want us to become Europe. You are believing the lies of Marxists my friend.

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