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The republican party is already split. You have a handful that actually take the constitution seriously and then all the rest are just weak pussies.
I think this strategy would be a miscalculation, and the left would be overplaying its hand.  The more moderate Republicans are trying to be practical and not give up too much ground in a very unfavorable environment.  Show them they have nothing to gain, and those moderates are moving right, not left.  The President may just solidify the right and wear out the favor he has with enough Independents to maintain the advantage.
+Brent Alexander You got that right!  I voted for the man, like a chump, in 2008.  I was too suspicious of him in 2012 - his bare-knuckles policy with the Catholic charities was a huge turn-off and a big warning sign.  Thank God I didn't vote for him again.  It's clear now that he spent 4 years laying low on what he really wanted to do, once he was thoroughly embedded.
Rand Paul would be the Republican party's only chance.  And that is a big if.   Libertarians and centrists will not vote for a Moderate or establishment goon.  I think Romney's loss is clear proof of that.  And make no mistake the Republican party will need the Libertarians and Independents to beat the ever growing welfare mob the "left" is growing with other peoples money.   The question is, can the Republican party make the necessary changes to encompass a bigger tent.  With, the current leadership.....I don't see it.,    
+Conal McLaughlin I agree completely - Rand Paul or an unnamed Libertarian-type would be the best strategy.  I'm sure the administration will work hard to marginalize any viable candidates like Rand, so we need to be extra vigilant to call them on it.  Obama is hugely vulnerable thanks to his naked betrayal of independents after they were no longer needed.  The Republicans need to scoop them up while they're up for grabs.  There is a way for the Republicans to regain power - use a libertarian big-tent strategy to keep social conservatives and center populists together.   Paint themselves as the freedom party, and the Democrats as the party of group cronyism and advantage-through-government.  Reagan had a natural feel for that sweet spot.  We need to find it again.  Part of that will be to give moderates the cover they need to resist working with Obama when he's up to his tricks.  We need to call out his tricks and chastise him for them - mercilessly.  And we need to add 4 years of failure onto everything he's not doing now.  It's not that he's not tackling the debt now - it's FIVE YEARS of inaction.  FIVE YEARS OF RUIN.  FIVE YEARS OF RUIN needs to be the mantra against him.
+Wolf Moon  An unnamed libertarian will not win. He doesn't have the backing.
Look at Ron Paul, he had a awesome grass roots campaign, the republic party lied, cheated, and sued for his delegates.
There is less and less democracy as time goes on. 
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