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TheDC Morning: Phil Mickelson, America's Gerard Depardieu?
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Who can blame him?   As a small businessman, I'm beginning to wonder why I should keep trying when Obama and his pals keep stripping me of profit to buy votes and support deadbeats.
I am constantly bewildered by people who hate the successful and want to punish them with higher and higher taxes.  The top 15% already pay most of the taxes.   What was once great about America was that people looked at the rich and successful and said "hey, that's cool and I can do that too," and then they went out and made their fortune or pursued their dreams.   Now, with Barry Obama's approval Americans look at the rich and successful and say  "hey, that's my 'piece of the pie' give me more of your easy money."  We've become a nation of wussies and takers and for that single problem, Democrats are uniquely responsible.
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