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What do you think Republicans can do to increase their support among Latino voters?
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Have they blamed Tareem the Dream yet?
Stop putting all "Latinos" into one bucket!! It's like putting all German immigrant descendants into one bucket, etc. 
I'm conservative.  I've worked with illegal immigrants from Mexico in from age 13 on in industrial and other blue collar settings.  I don't recall a single one of them that was not hard working, decent, honest and family oriented.  They are also people of faith.   They want to work to support their families, something I respect.  I would love for them to become Americans but am uncomfortable with waiving the law for them when so many others waited in line and followed the rules.  For that, I am vilified by the left as some sort of immigrant hater.  For that hispanics are voting in mass for Democrats, the party of deadbeats and faithless, because they offer a free pass to citizenship.   None of this makes sense but it's the truth.   Do you think Obama gives a flying damn about hardworking immigrants?  No; he cares about their votes.  And as soon as they are citizens and working under his plan, he'll suck their paychecks dry to support his deadbeat, dependent, whiny voting base.
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