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She's a royal bitch and a poster child for the reason people are leaving the Republican party. If she had to make a living off my purchase of her books (which are none), she'd be on Food Stamps and bitching they were not enough. She's a "Conservative Whore". Thank you for inspiring my #fridayrant  
I tend to agree with her point about drug legalization in a welfare state. The fact is that if recreational drugs (I'm not talking just pot, but more potent substances like coke, heroin and meth) are legally available, you're going to see a rise in addiction and the need for rehab and medical care. And with Obamacare "coming down the pike," as she puts it, the costs for helping people out of a self-inflicted addiction will frequently fall on the public trough, again, adding to an already overburdened state.

This is my big issue with pure libertarianism as a political and cultural norm. While I support a whole lot of libertarian theories in regards to liberty, the problem is that the concept also requires that a society be able to take responsibility...personal responsibility...for their actions. Right now, with the nanny state that  continues to grow around us daily, that simply isn't possible.

And that's a freaking shame.
Eliminate the nanny state.  Then, as we have to do with our kids many times....  allow the chips to fall where they may..  Some will make it, some won't.  It's called survival.  Those that are lazy lame ass wastes that don't wish to learn and adapt to having to get off their fat asses and actually become productive will fail and eventually go away.  Enough people see this happen and they will then decide they better suck it up and move forward..  

If you continue to coddle the dredges of society that don't want a helping hand, rather, they want  everything handed to them, nothing will ever change...except that more and more people will choose the lazy ass way of life.  This is exactly what Obama and the loser pantie wastes of the democratic party want.  They want total control.  And nothing less..  
She's a nasty ass bitch.
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