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Wait a sec.. weren't people at least given a year to get rid of the high capacity mags if they had them?
+Jeff van't Slot no.  NY has laws against "realllllllly big and scary magazines" but then they just passed a law against "big and scary magazines".   The new law gives them a bit more time.  The old law is what likely caught this guy. (I think the old law banned >10 and the new law bans >7)
Next up: a ban on three round magazines. 

Anybody who can't see what's happening here is willfully blind. 
Thx for clarifying Chris.. bloody shame that all of this crap is all exploiting murdered children to do what they wanted to do all along, which is disarm the people.  If they really wanted to prevent these tragedies, and had half a working brain cell, they'd know that this is just not the right approach, and will never work.
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