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Sounds like fun - republicans don't use prostitutes
It's about time for someone to have "the talk" with Menendez.  Resign or face impeachment.
If he was a Republican this would be covered all day every day (like it was with Vitter, Larry Craig, etc.). You have a sitting Senator about to take over chairmanship of a powerful committee who is under FBI investigations and flying for free to the Dominican Republic to have sex with children.  Yep, nothing to see here, move along.
Is Fox News the source? Smoke & mirrors GOP 
Apparently smoke & mirrors means actually I'll take it
There is a distinct difference in reporting actual facts & reported allegations as a smear & tarnish campaign (GOP hallmark) - I agree get rid of all the senators who accept kickbacks from donors & f'k around - then do a tally of party affiliation - sneaky bastards
Party affiliation is irrelevant here.  If the FBI finds enough evidence here, he should be expunged from the Senate.
Lol - true not relevant. It's president Obama's fault when the facts don't work out?
In this case, the blame clearly lies with George W. Bush.
There's a FBI investigation into his biggest donor. They just raided his clinic.  Only then did the Senator pay back $50k for "travel". If nothing else, how is THAT not a story? Then you have emails and interviews from children who said they have been paid to have sex with him.  If that is not worthy of coverage, what is?  What is news if not digging into tips, allegations, etc and finding the facts?

I don't recall holding back news reports on Vitter / Craig until all the evidence was made public...the media did their job and uncovered the truth.  Should we be waiting for him to actually confess to liking to have sex with kids before investigating?
+Brent Alexander well Bush was in office when Menendez was elected, so obviously :)   just like everything else
+tareem heath  is one of the willfully ignorant who will believe only what fits his world view.   He's probably Barry O's skeet shootin' pahdnah.   
+tareem heath Your lame ass, repetitive "he said" joke reveals your idiocy and lack of substance.  
Pardon my ignorance. Had no idea it had such an affect. BLAME President Obama.
+tareem heath You are entirely too boring and one-dimensional to justify a conversation.   It would be like trying to talk to a fire plug.   They do say "ignorance is bliss."  you must be one happy ass dude.   Have a great weekend.
Incisive.  Original.  Informative.  You should also say "nanny nanny boo boo."  Or "i know you are but what am I."
You write like a juvenile as well.  Another product of our public school system.   Have a great day.  Don't forget to TiVo Honey Boo Boo and Buckwild.
Don't you have a government check to pick up?  
Yeah, thanks to the "generosity" of Obama with other people's money.  You are just another deadbeat who votes for a living.   I bet I can be "generous" just like your hero Barry.   Send me your credit card number and I will dazzle you with Obama-Democrat-style generosity.
Or better yet, pick out a worker in the private sector and do their lawn.   You actually work for us taxpayers.  We fund your paycheck.   What about it?   I need a nice buff on my car;  what time can you come by? 
Good idea - what's your address? I will b right there
It's a rhetorical question.  I don't want anyone on the government titty near my house.   They tend to break and steal stuff.
And so was the response. Lol, BLAME MY PRESIDENT
Oh, I thought you wanted my address so you could come burgle it when I was at work.   Folks on the government titty think those who pay their own way owe them something and don't mind taking it on themselves to extract it.   Sigh of relief here.
Thx for the dialogue today. Be blessed always.
Not sure how you go from repeatedly dropping f-bomba and calling people "gunfks" to this but thanks anyway.  
Lol - if you read back over this topic & your subsequent responses....I'm sure a pattern will unfold for u. If it doesn't = BLAME MY PRESIDENT.
There's no need to attempt to discern any pattern in your comments because they have none.   To the extent that they are consistent, they are consistently synchophantic to your party's agenda.   It's like listening to a cyborg parrot.
Again thx. I appreciate your kind words & clarity of your true intent & meaning. Be forever blessed.
It's just another free service I provide.  Stay groovy.
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