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In a national security sense, the children of any US President need security detail; I have no problem with this.  However to suggest its okay for the children of MSNBCs David Gregory to have protection but not my kids, that's simply arrogant and repugnant.
I find it repugnant that gun grabbing politicians and celebrities boast armed guards but are aggressively trying to disarm the "common folk."  First of all, the politicians are our employees although they rarely act like it.  Second, while I enjoy a good movie or a nice guitar riff, the services of enternainers are the most unecessary in our society.   My personal doctor, pastor, and dentist are far more valuable to me than someone reading lines on a screen or banging on a drum.   Bottom line is that if you don't want a gun, don't buy one.  If you want to protect yourself, arm up.  In either event, leave me the hell alone and I will return the favor.  And if you are armed, don't insult me by promoting ineffective, illogical laws disarming me based on nothing but raw emotion.   And Jennifer Aniston, please just shut up.
Which proposed laws would "disarm" you, +Ken Carlos? No vague hand-waving now... name the specific proposals. 
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