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Have they blamed President Obama yet?
+tareem heath Do you have an app that automatically posts this same response to every story, or do you actually type it out yourself each time?
+Brent Alexander I can't even fathom anyone would want to do it.   It's like a homeless man killing time petting an imaginary kumquat.   Or re-arranging grains of sand on a beach.   It makes no sense. 
Even more ironic is that +tareem heath and the rest of the ObamaBots have been blaming Bush from everythign from the economy to Moochelle's bad hair days.
I loved the 1st president Bush, I think.
I love my country and am suspicous of all government leaders, Republican or Democrat.   When you put blind trust and excessive power in the hands of men, you will be disappointed.  
Scratch my previous post. The only Bush I liked was Barbara.
I suspect your likes/dislikes are determined by whether they share your left wing ideals.  
Just depends on the size of their "gun or bible"
Liberals like you really make no sense.  Bless me now before you go on to calling people "gun fks."  
May god always bless u & your "family"
"Family?"   In quotes.   You lefties are completely nuts.   Lemmings rushing off a cliff behind a man you consider a deity.   Scary stuff.  
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