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65,000 people. That's about one-half of the number of people who work here in the Pentagon on a normal day. But the idea that a dictionary definition could be changed via petition is far more frightening.
How many of the names on that petition are homos and perverts and how many are normal people?
Wow, the drive for "normalcy" is really strong among gays, isn't it?
who cares, really? We are 15 trill in the hole with a run away spending. We have endless useless wars being waged in the middle east....STILL. We have an epidemic of veterans committing suicide. We have got a federal government that can't wait to remove the rest of what's left of civil liberties. Not to mention a slew of other issues that are far more important then weather or not gay marriage should be allowed or not allowed. Who cares what some dictionary publisher puts in their dictionary. If you don't like it, don't use it. Thats the free market way. Conservatives shouldnt be using gov to push their opinions anymore then the liberals do. Last time I checked marriage was between you, your partner and your church. Why the hell are the homophobes and homosexuals still going at it....seriously. We have far worse issues that need our attention.
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