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"I don't agree with him on education or property taxes, but I do agree with the way he's handling the storm"
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he's just like obama, just 3 times bigger.
+tareem heath can I call someone a "nasty ass bitch" and get your approval too?   Again, if they agree with Tareem, they good.  If not, the are "fks" and "bitches."  Oh, and "bless you."
Odd, no?   You condemn others who disagree with you with foul and degrading language and then pronounce them blessed.   You must go to the same church Jesse Jackson pastors--none. 
Again, in the past, you have called me a "gun fk."   Do you stand up in your church and lift up the "gun fks" for a blessing?  Do you also say "please bless the nasty bitch Ann Coulter?"  I really want to know.  I have zero hate for liberals. I just disagree with them.  But liberals have a this odd thing going where they preach tolerance for all except for conservatives which apparently frees them up to hurl awful, sexist, racist, hurtful names at them.   Then you go to church and bless who and how?   Doesn't make sense. 
You 1+ a comment about Ann Coulter being a "nasty bitch."  I think that's just as good as saying it.  I don't give a crap if you make sense or not it's just a curiosity that is common among liberals.  You have a burning hate in your heart for anyone who disagrees with you politically.   It could be a little old grandma or a college republican or anyone in between.  You equate "evil" with those who don't support your left wing ideals.   And the constant backdrop is the liberals are tolerant.  But they are the least tolerant of all Americans.  They are hateful, vengeful, mean and vicious.   And then there's you who take it to a new level by bringing the Lord into it.   I've got my own life so it's no skin off my teeth.  Just something that catches my attention.  
Sounds like I struck a nerve. 
Maybe one day you will stop hating people for their legitimate beliefs and realize you are not God so that perhaps you don't have all the answers.
My son?   I'm old enough to be your Dad, dude.
You are welcome.  Make sure you check your bible out in church tomorrow.   I don't think it says "love they neighbor unless they aren't liberal then you may call them disgustingly hateful names."  If they in fact have a bible in that church you supposedly attend.
Sure thing, sonny.  Maybe when you grow up you'll be able to think and get past the hatred that consumes you from the inside.
Speaking of the storm... Why is it that after Katrina Bush was stir fried on a silver plate yet nobody has said a goddamn thing to criticize Obama for his lack of action on the superstorm sandy... 
Also, while I feel for my countrymen in the Northeast, why the hell is "superstorm" Sandy--a CAT 1--so much more "devastating" than Katrina, Ike and Rita?  Folks along the Louisiana-Mississippi-Texas-Alabama Gulf Coast sure didn't merit the attention and gnashing of teeth from the media and NYC snobs that Sandy got even though it was a popcorn fart compared to the the other storms.  I have friends in the eye of Sandy that went without power for 2 days.   I had friends in the eyes of Ike, Katrina, and Rita who lost power for months.  Some of them lost homes, businesses and their lives.   Perspective, folks;  get it.       
I think tareem only illegals, transsexuals & fags can call Obama - president.
Hey man, I don't support the gay rights thing but I have close friends and good employees who happen to be gay.  No sense in hurling names at people who ain't bothering anyone.  Just saying.    
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