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While BuzzFeed weathers criticism for publishing a document cache containing unsubstantiated and scandalous allegations about President-elect Donald Trump and his confidantes, they also could face leg
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Odds are these Russian Extortion Papers are a Inside Job. President Donald Trump needs to Investigate.

Big Supporters for the Liberal Democrat Party ie Socialist""Weatherman Underground"" of the 60's and 70's ""They Are The Political Elite In Just About Everything Now"", they were Big Hillary Clinton Supporters , National Intelligence "James Clapper" needs to start investigating these people, could be the Ones came up with these""Fake News"" Russian extortion papers being talked about.

""Weatherman Underground"" They are the Lying Media Heads,, Hollywood ,, Insider Wall Streeters and the College and University Professors who are Anti President Donald Trump he Threatens their Power and Influence. ie they do not want the Swamp drained, they are the Scum That Live In It.

President Donald Trump needs to""Conduct An Internal Investigation"" look at these people Very Close see what they have been up to.
+Dale Smith Trump can't "conduct an internal investigation" of something he's not inside of. 
Ret T
Since we all have to listen and believe the bullshit lies Trump puts out there I see no reason not to believe this recent news release with Trump and russian. He probably did it.
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