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#OPINION from Ann Coulter: We know how to stop school shootings
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I'm sorry; after all that time downloading that PDF, reading all the tiny-spaced words and wondering what it means, I can't help but wonder why your argument can't be 'thumbnailed' without all the dog-n-pony.

You can NOT remove all guns. Any criminal (i.e. person ignoring the law) who wants a gun will always be able to make, or steal, one.

Why not then have someone able to SHOOT the shooter, instead of making a nice, target-rich environment for them, instead?

Understand my sister was shot and killed by a crazy woman with a gun. I've been all over this territory.
"Dog-n-pony" is a requisite part of examining an issue. I'll leave the "thumbnail" approach for others.
If you can't express your ideals in less than a page, maybe you don't understand them clearly enough.

Since one CAN NOT remove all guns, and criminals (and crazies) will always be able to get them, taking guns out of the hands of good, lawful people who would intervene just leaves people undefended.

You can't do this? Maybe you should re-think your position...
Wow- how cool is that? I proved my point so convincingly, he BLOCKED ME.  Time to paint another flag on the fuselage.
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