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TheDC Morning: Can Rand Paul win the presidency?
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Sure hope so! We desperately need someone of his caliber! 
It depends who he runs against. I am not a huge fan, but I would probably vote for him just because he is better then the alternatives.
+Maddy Perennity Your comment changed my mindset from "ugh, Rand Paul..." To "Oh my god I hope it's Rand Paul".
funny how fast things can change, huh?
Christie is a RINO and a complete as*ho*e! 
He has name recognition with his father, but right now Biden is taking/making headlines with bipartisanship deals with both the EOY tax policy and being Obama's point man with gun control legislation (i.e. Obama signing his Executive Order on gun control).  Biden's already moved to the front with visibility and political media coverage.  Believe me he’ll continue on this path and take a major role with Obama’s second term.  I'm not saying he's the right guy for the job but he's making his move and he wants to be seen.  I think he’ll announce in 2015 or so and if he keeps this up he'll be the lead democratic nominee. The Republicans need to find a leader and a front runner for the nominee and I think it might be Jeb Bush with Mark Rubio as VP.  Both have time to boost their name recognition with the American people they just need the Republican Party to support them.
Honestly Rand is the only Republican that can win.   The establishment types have lost 2 in a row to someone with an abysmal record.  It should have been a shoe in.....But unfortunately for Republicants the people prefer socialist statism in obama over fascist statism.  If the last election proved anything is that the days of the neocons, moderates and the rest of the establishment rhinos are shrinking in number.  "Libertarian leaning" Rand Paul (not really), has a better chance at collecting votes from independents, the largest voting block btw.  Question is, will the establishment realize they need a bigger tent before they further themselves into irrelevance. And will the people who normally vote for establishment types realize what's at stake before its to late.   I wish I felt optimistic.... Rand is far to Republican to be my first choice, but I would consider giving him my vote.  Especially if we see statist idiots like Gov Cuomo run.
And another thing.  DC please stop propagating lies.  Ron Paul did not write the specific racist news letter that this article is referring to.  Google "Ben Swan Ron Paul newsletters"  This is a a journalist who's debunked that garbage.  These idiots in the blogosphere need to start getting this shit right. 
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