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I am in that crowd.  Oh wait  - I am not under 34...
+David Holt You are only as old as you think you are. My mind thinks I am still 17. My body says not for some time.
Given "assault weapon" is a made-up political term invented to cast as broad of a net as possible over an extremely wide variety of firearms (about 95% of everything out there), I'd HOPE most of them see that for the bull$#it it is and support their constitutional rights.
Some of our politicians are so ignorant and uninformed as to make statements like. 'Why would anyone need a gun for hunting that holds more then 5 rounds?' Well, in general we don't. However, the second amendment is not about hunting!! The second amendment is about DEFENSE! Personal defense, defense of family and home and if need be, defense of community and country!!!!
It's great reading all of these post from great American from all cross our great great nation. But, posting will not safe our nation. We the people must unite and and organize. We are what stand for liberty, not these clowns in Washington. 'GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVEME DEATH.' 
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