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Just what we need...more stupid voters.
every one that voted for obama are dopes anyway.
Good for them - lets see the Freedom Minded GOP back this.
Ok, I don't use it, I really don't think it's all that harmful, and I don't really care if it's legal or not.  But with the problems we face as a nation, is this really what we need now?  Our country is becoming like a grown adult kid, sitting on the couch, asking for more free stuff from our parents, working less or not at all, getting fat, watching reality TV, and smoking weed all day.  Does that have a healthy look to it?
Its not about what people need - Its about freedom.
I'm all for freedom.  Just be accountable for the results and don't ask me to pay for it.  
Never smoked weed in my life.   Don't care who does.  Just leave me out of it and pay for your habit and the results of that habit.  
Yes, we seem to agree, yet we all know that in my metaphor, the 24 year old couch rider who won't leave the nest isn't going to pay or be accountable.  Old dad will have to pay to feed, clothe, and clean up after the idiot son.  Our country has too many idiot sons.
I don't care if Dad supports his idiot son.  It is when idiot son votes for Obama who forces me to support idiot son.   It is when idiot son can't hold a job and decides to steal my car or burgles my house so he can continue to specialize in smoking weed and surfing.   In my mind, we only have one right:  to do what we damn well please as long as it doesn't hurt someone else.  The only obligation we have is to accept the consequences of exercising your one right.   Want to party all the time and end up bagging groceries at age 33 don't complain about the "income gap" and "economic fairness."  
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