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This is going to open a giant can of worms...
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"“African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools..."

Gee, what causes that?
That could explain the "effective" part. I tend to think the "safe" part has to do with the students. Because there are safe schools that are government-run. 
Who thinks that teaching the worst discipline problems in the schools that they are allowed to get away with more than anyone else because of their racial or ethnic background? This is going to produce better citizens how?
This is REALLY news to me. I didn't know there was any discipline in schools. I thought it was illegal thanks to the ACLU. But minority kids? I didn't think anyone was even allowed to look at them the wrong way. Isn't it supposed to be bad for their self image & cause life problems?
It's quite remarkable. I think many of the minders who have been keeping him out of trouble have left because they see disaster ahead.
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