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This just goes to show how fragile the "recovery" was.  If a storm or some budget deliberation can cause a double dip, it was inevitable anyway.  So we're headed for another recession, taxes on nearly everyone are already programmed to increase.  Good show, Dems.
Brian T
Can someone get this tard out of office?
Repubs are a scapegoats like the jews were in hitlers day.

The administration doesn't care about jobs or the economy. They are pushing a dependency agenda, and an economic crisis actually justifies their expansion of federal control as a response to an "emergency." What did his former Chief of Staff once say....? 
It's shocking that our populace these days will lap up the Sandy excuse and the fiscal cliff excuse that the President put out there.  They blame Fox News.  Heck, it can't be long before he can blame it on House floor debate or mere speeches by the opposition.
He's the incompetent, inexperienced Boy King shoved down our throat by the media.   They continue to protect him to promote their shared agenda without regard to the long term damage to our country.   And the 47% that vote for a living are just fine with that.   I'm convinced he could blame the economy on the way Ronald Reagan parted his hair and Chris Mathews and the rest of the chorus of barking seals at MSNBC would go, "what insight this great man has!   Finally, someone realized the actual genesis of all of our problems was that left-to-right Brylcreem swoop of Reagans.  Kudos, Mr. President, it is about time;  now to our guest, James Carville;  James, just how racist are the Republicans?"
Brian T
+Ken Carlos
Our imperial president. The media will not let him fail. 
And the Obama cultists believe all of it.
Mister president would you give yourself an A plus on a plus plus on the economy ?

Mr. President, about Benghazi;  do you feel criticism of your handling of that is misguided or just plain racist sour grapes by the hateful GOP taking time off from throwing granny in the woodchipper and starving a few kids?  Discuss;  I'll let the cameras run as long as you want.
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