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Lol! Really? you know that the Center For American Progress is a leftist think tank soley funded by George Soros?
Big Red
Ok let me get this straight.  A publisher of a skin magazine is blaming   gun violence on global warming, and nothing to do with the unemployment rate or Chicago's FAILED no hand gun law. Perhaps if we were to give all poor people Air conditioning all gun violence would cease during the summer in Chicago or perhaps  free ICE.
In a statistics class I took once, the instructor used the example of how instances of sexual assault closely track with the level of ice cream sales.  The two may track together, but one doesn't cause the other.

And by the way, 84 is not exactly a scorching, miserable average temperature, especially not compared to that of other American cities.
+Brent Alexander I love it when dumbasses associate mutually exclusive events because they occur around the same time.   I wonder if Ms. Hefner associates me getting bummed by a homeless person near Wrigley field on global warming.   I also drank Old Style for 7 innings and didn't feel well the next day;  it wasn't the gallons of rancid beer that made me soak my eyeballs in ice water, it was global warming.  
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